Monday 31 December 2012

Applepie & Custard

Coming to the end of another year... 2012 is almost out and it is time to celebrate the months well left behind and the new year to come! Exciting!

For many people this year has been a challenge, a great learning curve, and a year full of ups and many downs, and if you are through 2012 with the skin intact on your nose (or is that a Danish way of saying 'survived') then it is definitely time for applepie and custard!

What a great way to express victory! Perhaps your 'applepie and custard' is a glass of champagne or a roast dinner or a walk on the beach but whatever it is, it is an expression and winning attitude of 'we made it!'.

It may have been a great year for you or it may have been full of personal and professional challenges.

If you read this, then we are both still here no matter what went on and went down and went up and even sideways and backwards!

What a year!

And if you are not quite sure what to make of 2012 and how to enter 2013, well, eat your pie and live your dream.

A new year, new hope, new dreams, new beginnings, new love, new life and shortly a brand new Spring where every little thing that has been waiting  and waiting... Everything is ready to unfold.

What a wonderous and awesome world we inhabit!

Time to activate the gratitude channels and remember what is worth bringing forward.

Cheers to applepie and custard! and cheers to a new year full of new challenges, bumps, successes, love, great health, happiness, joy, friendships and wonderful families - most of all, good times!

Happy 2013!

Monday 24 December 2012

...wup wup wup...

...wuppa Gangnam style!

What makes popular? and wide-spread? and approved? and accepted?

And why is it that in the UK we are so great at so many things, but so slow at adopting and adapting new methods for health and happiness?

Or rather, what determines the success of a programme?

Take for example Zumba, it struck overnight and is a health craze that swept the nation in the blink of an eye. Why is it then only a select few who can see the same potential with Laughter Yoga? But then, worldwide there are 10,000s of Laughter Clubs so perhaps the question is mainly a local one...

Laughter Yoga is life-changing and health-boosting! It is at the tip of your tongue, literally, so what is the real difference?

We practice Laughter Yoga in a closed group so people can be as self-expressed as they wish, no difference there, but there must be something that keeps people from joining the classes regularly. Some people say it's fantastic and they will be back but never return, some are just honest and say it is not for them.

And I suppose that is how it is with all types of exercising and practices.

However, if you have only been to a Laughter Yoga session once then it is definitely too early to say whether it is for you or not. You need at least a few tries!

Even if it is slightly out of your comfort zone!

Coming to the end of 2012 with all the exciting things that have been going on over the past many months, I am in a state of questionning, reflecting and reviewing how things progressed and how to move forward in the new year and years ahead. Natural process, I imagine - for me at least, it happens every year around this time...

Laughter Yoga has been around for almost 17 years, laughter even longer, and I can guarantee you it is here to stay. I am totally committed to and in the mood for creating success together with everyone who has invested their time, money and their health in laughing! We are on a wonderful journey with plenty of space for smiles and laughs as well as any tear that need surfacing. And Laughter Yoga really gets you on a rollercoaster through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual sides of life - it is not just about laughing, it is about growing.

Life will change if you take on the challenge and truly want an extra-ordinary life full of all you ever wanted and then some.

So - who's with me?! It will be fun, I promise - plus a lot of other things.

All I want for Christmas (apart from you!) is the further spreading of Laughter Yoga for health, joyfulness, happiness, and longevity, for personal success, emotional expansion, and at the core of it all - for World peace! 

Wishing you all a jolly good Christmas and a wonderful festive season celebration!

Love and Blessings, Lotte.

Monday 17 December 2012

Carers week!

Innocent people lost their lives this past week, others were injured violently, and still many more were hurt in a way that only few can fathom because most of us have not had the personal experience with weapon crime and losing dear ones in this brutal way.

Based on my friends story a few years ago, her and I came up with a campaign against weapons, 'Knife Crime is Life Time' but it doesn't single out knives as the only weapons that cause severe grief.

The crime, for the survivors, is for life. No matter how much you try to forget, how many hours of therapy, how many spiritual healing sessions, no matter how much you say you forgive - the memory will always be there.

Yet, we get on with life!

My friend is one of the most courageous people I know. Two years on from the brutal stabbing that nearly took her life she is still coping with her ups and downs and with knowing that her stabber could be out in less than three years.

Why do people confine to violence in what seems to be perfectly idyllic places? What tips the load?
Is it just becuase we hear more about it than we used to 50-60 odd years ago so it seems worse now? And the films we watch allow for new ideas of violent behaviour? Or is it in the food and drinks?

Lets face it, our foods and drinks really are stashed with additives with numbers and codes that only pharmaceutical geniuses can decipher and decode. What is it that we eat and drink? What makes us addicts to unhealthy life styles?

And could those additives and GM based changes in fact be affecting our mental health and wellbeing in ways that have not even been considered because the testing of products doesn't account for our individual make up and individual DNA with or without defects...??? How ARE we impacted by substances we don't even know from real life?

I'm sure all of this has been covered in lenghty reports and been commented on in various blogs and news flashes, but in essence I am just emptying my head which has in all fairness been buzzing all weekend. Urging to keep the high spirit and positive outlook without coming across as superficial in a time when people need nurturing and care at a deep level. We are all looking for comfort from each other and a view as we move on and maintain the positivity in our efforts to conquer bad attitude and mental health challenges altogether!

Years ago when asked about the appropriateness of laughing on 11th September anniversaries and other tragedy anniversaries, Dr Patch Adams said that if there was ever a time to laugh it is when we are faced with adversity, tragedy, terrorism, war and other serious crimes agains humanity. This is the time to not falter, the time to keep our spirits high and believe that all good will win in the end.

Laughing doesn't make events less serious, and there is always a time for grieving and respecting the tears and mourning, but laughter does help you move on in life and connects you with those who care.

Let's raise the energy, keep our ligths strong and our hopes high, reminding ourselves that we only lose when we give up. The love and healing we summon, through thoughts and prayers, is for the people who suffered tragic losses last week, the people who suffered in the past and the people who have been hurt badly through time whether it is physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Our global energy of light and love raises the vibration and resonates throughout the Universe to create the change we need - even if it seems far-fetched or perhaps even a slow return on investment. What is there to lose?

Let's care this week!

Let's care again next week, too!

I am a Laughter Ambassador  - and caring is what I do!

Monday 10 December 2012

Just an observation.

If you read my posts regularly you may have noticed that it has been quite serious stuff lately (perhaps with the exception of last week about 'styling it out')!

Yet it has been about grabbing life and living it with panache and power. About seeing the humour in life and living it light-heartedly. About letting go of 'stuff' that wears you out. About values and appreciation. About lots of things you already know.

So, where was I? Oh yes, laugh along with living - there is nothing better than starting the day on a laughter-high, except perhaps on a love-high but that is a different story and different blogpost, what are you waiting for?!

Take a deep breath into your whole body, drop your jaw and let the belly sounds out, HA HA HA HA! Does it matter if anyone stares? I bet they wish they knew what you know.

Share what you know about laughter and life, give people the gift of a joyful perspective, it all comes down to not feeling precious about it all or too self-conscious in your sharing of the key to longevity with laughter.

Share your laughter and your smiles with the world!

Holding back serves no one and especially not you. So many people crumble because they hold back instead of letting themselves be their own self-expressed natural beings.

Getting back to being serious now... that was not the intention in this blog post. How to get back?!

Laugh, giggle, chuckle, grin, guffaw, smile, smile, smile.

I noticed my neighbourhood people when I was walking up shopping on Saturday morning, it was a beautiful and cold morning, but it didn't seem to matter because the sun seemed to bring out the best in everyone including their smiles.

For the first time in the 11 and a bit years I've lived in the UK I was not the one initiating a smile with walk-passers, they smiled just as much.

I could see the smiles on their faces from a distance and it was just such a life affirming and joyful moment in time to know that other people smile, too, out of free will, and not always because I smile first - although it mostly helps...

But these spontaneous, uninhibited smiles embrace the beauty and abundance in the day.

Smiles are fantastic and contagious, wear a smile and go viral!

Monday 3 December 2012

Style it out!

What a brilliant expression!

I only heard it the other day when Kat mentioned it on the One-On-One Laughter Coaching Training (which, by the way, is a BRILLIANT training for Laughter Professionals so I have included the link to the details of it).

'Style it out' - what is it all about then?

It makes me laugh out loud just thinking about it!

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you can feel your cheeks heating up, the stammer is making its way across your lips or even the nervous laughter is on a crash course?

Only because you have bonged a step and stacked it down the stairs, tripped over an invisible stone or burst out something completely inappropriate, made a gesture that only created cringing toes or just been out of place in general?

Well, I do find myself in that situation ever so often, and no doubt a select group of friends will agree that this is what I master to perfection.

I guess being Danish in a British Reservation Area makes me less politically correct than I should probably consider being all things taken into account.

So that do you do?

The answer is right there! Style it out!

You can do nothing to reverse time to the moment before that error or embarrasing event so just go with it and do it in style.

Commit to that cringy mishap and act as if it was the most natural thing to do and not a misconducted gesture.

Style it out!

I love the example in the Urban Dictionary...
I did a Hitler salute, but when no-one laughed I decided to style it out by pretending to scratch my armpit instead
And that is exactly what it's about - so simple! If you near-trip just pretend you are reaching for something you dropped or whichever seems to work for you, it's just a bit of mischief in the daily routine. It is good fun and creative, and it happens in a flick of an eyelash. Of course it works with spontanous misadventures only.

I skip when I trip hahaha - let me hear your stories!

Monday 26 November 2012

Flood alert!

The UK is faced with storms and flooding at the moment and my heart and thoughts go out to those affected wishing them the best of all in recovering from the destructive forces of nature.

...splish splash...

It is not that type of flood alert I am pondering on this morning, though.

I love watching a good movie, that makes me laugh, smile, bite my lip, cry and laugh some more - that's the best one, although I also like the fast one, the mysterious one, the futuristic one, and the great adventure.

Watching City of Angels last night made me think all good thoughts but I know the moment when it gets to the part I hate because I can feel my eyes welling up and that's when the viaducts open and my eyes overflow only to bring my makeup to a right mess.

It is just a movie but it touches on something that is really deeply ingrained in me and perhaps even in many people, I imagine - the sadness and complete feeling of loss and sorrow when suddenly losing the special people in our lives. The film reminds me of my highest hopes and dreams for being with the man I love, my family and the friends I love but also the thought that our life together may be ending before we even start a wonderful future ahead of us.

My mummy once said to me that we cannot go around being afraid of everything because then we become overpowered by fear and stop living altogether. My mummy is a wise woman. I love my mum!

We only truly lose our loved ones when we forget what they were all about, their creativity, their life force, their love of life, fun, forget that they themselves were a force of nature. Good memories, good times!

Bringing my thoughts back to the forces of nature where so many people go through wild, weird and scary events on a daily basis, and there is no human control.

It is winter in less than a week and the weathery somersaults have only just started their acceleration path - there is more wet and cold to come!

But we are lucky because we have the opportunity of having a roof over our heads and stay indoors shielded from nature. Besides, it is only weather.

Not sure how to bring this all together except to say that life is life and it is mostly beautiful and wonderous and...

Luckily City of Angels is only a movie! And we still have life and love to share.

Live today, laugh today, and love today!

Monday 19 November 2012

Empty and meaningless

Getting to a point where everything matters based on a point of non-attachment from any possible or impossible outcome must be the most peaceful place to be and act from.

There is no stress or tension because there are no expectations to the outcome of any situtation or event.

There is only the commitment to seeing things through, playing with life, as if life itself depended upon it, and still knowing that everything is fine.

Empty and meaningless. It doesn't mean that things don't matter or have substance or value it is only coming from a place of true unconditional essence without a need for an agenda or control of the situation.

A place where we all matter because we are, not because we have names, titles, money, jobs, possessions etc.!

Maybe it only makes sense to me or maybe I am just repeating myself from past weeks?

The other day I discussed a similar concept, 'letting go', and the question of how to know that we have in fact let go of what needs to be let go of...

Same with non-attachment. How do you know you have let go of the attachment to an outcome of a situation?

The moment when you are in love or when you truly love, and it's okay whatever the outcome of this love would be, because that love is part of your being and will always be there, then you can talk about unconditional love from a space of empty and meaningless.

I'm not quite there yet - except I am...sometimes...

This weekend I was in the presence of some extra-ordinary people who just enjoyed and loved the containment of likeminded souls, thoughts, spirits and hearts, and who shared that energy which was created from fun, love, sincere warmth and laughter without having to add anything except the pleasure of the company and space we shared.

We are all students of life and we are all teachers.

I hope life will never stop tickling your curiosity and that outcomes will become less important than the shared heart-space.

From non-attachment to any result it is easy to play with life and dance in the light of the moon!


Monday 12 November 2012


Begin each day as if it were on purpose! 

The purpose note sits just above by screen to catch my line of view when I raise my gaze to find inspiration.

Start with good intention and follow through - that's what it's about... It is not a thought but a feeling that is carried with you throughout the day, every day.

Everyone makes a difference in the lives we touch whether it is a positive or a negative we pass on and it takes 10 positives to outweigh a negative - at least that's what I heard years and years ago - so why not try the positive and not even needing to counterbalance any negatives?!

It struck me as we were going through the past week of Laughter Yoga Teacher Training that our society is full of senior people who have little but bingo as a regular activity week in and week out. Nothing wrong with bingo, by the way, it is just that it doesn't really move people and circulate them fully...

That is why it is so inspiring to hear every Laughter Professor's vision to create a different present and future through the use of Laughter Yoga.

We are the generation who is next in line for the that really the outlook?

Get off your bottom and make every day count, make that connection with others and smile that smile of hope, reaching out with love instead of worry and concern. We are connected, advantaged, courageous and everything without 'dis'! We can overcome the unimaginable with ease and help each other remove 'dis' - when we trust and believe.

Miracles in every step.

I may have been carried away a bit in my praise of what is available to each and everyone of us but after a week of total trust in this process I have no doubt that there is opportunity, possibility and probability in this world.

Remember that people have gone there before us.

If no one is there to hear, see or learn - will it make a difference? Oh yes.

My everyday purpose is to spread peace, love, smiles and laughter! What is your purpose?

Monday 5 November 2012


17th December 2011 - few days before Winter Solstice
We are still some weeks away from Winter Solstice - the time of the shortest day and longest night.

Winter Solstice, a time for reflection!

My reflective mood has already kicked off or kicked in - although I am very very often in a reflective moor this seems to be in a different way than the (sometimes) lighter way I usually reflect.

It was a birthday reminder that brought memories to my mind and a tear to my eye - a friend who passed much too early three years ago. Bringing up thoughts of my loved ones who have passed.

And it happens all the time. Except it affects me differently when it is people I know, but that's just me...and you may feel the same way...or you may not.

Every time the world is touched uncontrollably by nature, as with the recent Hurricane Sandy, I always wish I could do some more than praying for the affected people and sending distance healing but that is what I do. However, when 'my people' are touched by dramatic changes in family, friendships and other important matters, I am ready to go on a crusade for love, health and justice.

Losing someone we love and care about is a huge deal and it doesn't get smaller with the years. Only the way we cope changes, and it becomes an everyday occurrence of a thought, a smile, a tear, a cry, a laugh, a reflection, a memory.

The festive seasons when memories are often strong is when the loss feels greater, like Yul Tide or Chrismas - as well as this time also being the dark, cold season.

This experience is no different for me than lots of other people I am guessing.

However, it is a time to celebrate what we have, what we had and what we are creating from the warmth and depth of our hearts. Time to let go of the troubled memories and look at the good times we had, bringing them into the present moment for the celebration of life.

My good friend was stabbed and nearly murdered two years ago which brings back some solid memories of grief and sadness, upsets and anger. She lived to tell the tale and although this time of year is a reminder for her of some hefty nasty moments, she is grateful every day for surviving and she makes the most of this life from a generous place.

If something is dragging you down - is it worth holding on to? Remember the good times, the good things, the good people, the good 'stuff'!

Embrace the light within every moment and every memory!

That's what our future is made of!

Just reflect on it - after Winter Solstice comes the time for renewal and for refreshing ideas!

Bring it on, 2013 - way beyond 21st December 2012!

Monday 29 October 2012

OutSTANding or OUTstanding??

Depends whether you emphasise first syllable whether something is unresolved or being extraordinary on the second syllable...

1. superior; excellent; distinguished
2. prominent, remarkable, or striking
3. still in existence; unsettled, unpaid, or unresolved

The same with anything you focus on in life - it is brought into focus, attention and life! And anything that feels as if it is incomplete will inadvertently be OUTstanding...

Today is a little different because there is no focus on what is OUTstanding, instead I want to give a mention to the outSTANding people I meet and work with every day. One of the reasons I feel so very blessed and grateful when I wake up and when I go to sleep.

My work teaches individuals and teams to laugh for no reason. My friend and colleague, Julie, put it very eloquently the other day on the first day of our October 2012 training when she said 'you arrive as strangers and you leave as friends'. One of the key benefits of Laughter Yoga, the social aspect.

There is nothing religious or political, sectarian or spooky about Laughter Yoga - there is only a passion that come to life when you engage with individuals and groups in this fun activity, a passion that spurs you on to want more and more once you discover the full benefits of Laughter Yoga; the mood lifting endorphins, the immune system boost, the breathing element, the quality of life through social interaction, the resourcefulness and resilience you build up.

Who doesn't want all of that?

Laughter Yoga is one way of obtaining it all in a very simple way! It is still puzzling me why there is such a fairly small number of people engaging in laughter as an exercise when the benefits are staring you right in your face the minute you get eye contact with a 'ho ho ha ha'.

The potential for changing own life and impacting other lives from a positive angle is immense and readily available through learning the Laughter Yoga techniques.

Whether you train to lead workshops over 2 days, train to teach other leaders over 5 days, are being laughter coached for 8 weeks or come to a Laughter Club for 1 hour - well, those are just many ways in which people can learn to focus on possibilities and opportunities instead of seeing the hurdles and obstacles in life.

Such a massive potential!
More than 60 million people in the UK alone! and with the World within an embracing reach!

Every day people decide to take that extraordinary step to do something out of the ordinary and make that change, become a better person, soften their views, expand their vision, learn something that triggers that outSTANdingness!

I salute you!

A huge thank you to those 500+ individuals in the UK so far who have invested your time, money and mindspace in spreading laughter, Laugther Yoga and joyfulness. The world embraces every positive footstep on your path!
Abi Abul Adam Ah Ng Alice Alison Alix Amanda Amy Andrew Anetta Angie Anish Anita Anju Anna Annabel Annalise Anne Annette Artis Beatrix Belinda Ben Bernie Bette Beverley Bharti Bill Bimla Bozena Brenda Burton Cara Carol Carole Carolina Caroline Carolyn Carron Catherine Charlotte Charmain Cheri Cheryl Chloe Chris Chris Chrissie Christina Christine Jim Cily Claire Clinton Colin Collette Connie Cristina Darren Dave David Debbie Deborah Debra Debs Denise Deon Diana Diane Dinah Dorota Dorothy Douglas Dumisani Eileen Elaine Elena Eleni Elvira Emma Fatima Fay Felicity Fiona Francine Fraser Gail Geoff George Geraldene Gesine Gianna Gill Gro-Mette Guy Hazel Heather Heidi Heike Helen Helene Hilary Hina Honor Ian Ilona Ingrid Iwan Jackie Jacqueline James Jan Jane Janet Janice Janine Jannine Jatinderpal Jayne Jean Jeanette Jeanne-Claire Jenna Jennifer Jeroen Jessica Jigisha Jill Jimena Jo John Josephine Joy Joyce Judith Jules Julia Julie Juliet Kalpana Kamaljit Kamini Karen Kate Katharine Kathleen Kathy Katy Kay Kamala Kes Kiera Kirsten Kristopher Laura Lesley Lez Lidia Linda Lindsay Lisa Louise Lyla Lynn Maggie Maja Malcolm Manda Mandy Margaret Maria Marian Marie Marina Mark Marlies Marneta Marnie Mary Maureen Max Meera Melanie Michal Michelle Miriam Monica Monika Munira Naomi Naseem Natasha Nathalie Nathaniel Neil Nick Nicky Nicola Niki Nikki Nina Navinder Nisha Odile Olga Paddy Pam Pamela Parviz Pat Patricia Patsy Paul Pauline Perry Peter Rachel Ramagopal Rambai Randy Rani Rebecca Rena Rhona Richard Robert Rola Rosaline Rosanna Rosie Roz Rudy Ruth Sabrina Sagar Sally Salwa Sam Sandra Sarah Sasha Sean Seth Sheila Shell Shirley Sidakan Simon Simone Sipora Sirry Sita Sonya Sophia Spike Srila Stephanie Stephen Sue Surya Susan Susanne Suzanne Tahira Tallulah Tanya Taravajra Tessa Thalia Theresa Tiffany Tim Tom Tony Tracy Trish Vanessa Vicki Violeta Vivian Wendy William Wojciech Yvonne Zoe Zoƫ!
NB Names are only listed once for all the Carols, Johns, Karens, Lauras, Susans and many more.

Wishing everyone a wonderful autumn week with lots of laughs and fun!
Kick up the leaves - you never know what's hidden in beneath the surface...!

Monday 22 October 2012

To a Mouse...

Whenever drama shows its self-expressed face in life it is most likely to be caused by expectations - in particular those that weren't met as planned.

But little Mouse, you are not alone,
In proving foresight may be vain:
The best laid schemes of mice and men
Go often awry,
And leave us nothing but grief and pain,
For promised joy!
by Robert Burns

First of all, I would like to extend an apology to everyone who has ever had to put up with my dramas and bad moods when things did not turn out as I expected - most likely thing has been to put the blame elsewhere for the lack of coordination, timing, whatever the circumstance would be.

And you know me, I don't like 'circumstances' - I learned years ago that blaming 'circumstances' is an excellent way of removing responsibility for mishaps and unfulfilled expectations from yourself and place them on something or someone else.

An everyday example is being late, 'oh, the traffic was horrible', 'I broke a heal walking down the street', 'the bus was late', 'the train was cancelled', 'I got held up at work' - you name it!

There are millions of excuses for not planning being on time...and that was just one example.


I was held up two hours in traffic a little while ago when I thought 1½ hours was enough excess time to get me to the venue on time - a 3 hour journey with a good 4½ hours to go - wouldn't you have thought it was enough?

Well, I could have taken the exit when I saw the sign 'Accident between J16 and J18' and avoided being stuck in standstill traffic - so what is my excuse?

Hmm, put it that way - there really isn't any. Even if I can think up a million reasons and excuses and 'buts' and 'whys'!

Don't cry over spilled milk as the saying goes - so the only right thing to do is to clear it and tidy up the loose ends. Apologise for delay and stop making excuses to say 'it wasn't my fault' when really it could have been avoided. 'Sorry' is often enough 'sorry, but...' is often too much.

I know that this may sound harsh, but it really is not very harsh - it is just a different way of looking at life which allows you to clear yourself of your stories and see the beauty in everything, because if you think about it, whenever there is an excuse there is also a possibility of 'being found out' and that in itself can create a drama, too.

This blogpost is just as much a reminder for myself as it is for anyone who want to be reminded that excuses are just not worth the hassle.

Not only being late but also organsing things in order to complete dreams can change because we are surrounded by individuals who are pulsating with life and all that life entails. Therefore, there are no guarantees that plans work out as planned. However, the energy put into growling or smiling at unwanted or unexpected changes is what creates the next set of events - the energy that creates life!

I just look forward to the next opportunity to live out delayed dreams with the people I love!

My life is busy and full of things and events that I constantly juggle and reorganise - just because I want the good things that I love in life to be present instead of rushing around and never having the experience of love, laughter, joy. The truth is that all those moments are there and I can beautifully treasure them when I snap out of my excuses and my 'feeling-sorry-for-myself'.

I know where I've been, where I am, where I am going, and with whom. And it may change - life is not as static as that but it is nice to have aims and goals, and know who is important!

As for the unfulfilled expectations? Well, they are done and dusted for now - bring on the next bundle and we can have a great laugh!

Monday 15 October 2012

The Hollister Experience

Inspired by one of my good laughter-friends, Sue, and her words:
How many times have you thought: "I'll go out and buy an outrageously expensive, poorly-made T-shirt, with a lot of branding on it, but I'll buy it in the dark, where I can't see what I'm buying, what colour it is, or size, or price?".

Nope, me neither.

But some people must think this way - otherwise what's the point of Hollister?
It is clear that this is a phenomenon that some people have branded in an outrageously good way! That goes for Abercrombie, too - they are the same company, aren't they...???

What are we searching for that makes it okay for organisations to rob us of our pennies in a way that leaves us questionning our sanity when we return home and open our shopping bags with a face of anticipation that quickly turns into disbelief?

Well, mine does whenever I have, with great excitement, looked into my teen-daughter's purchases - for which I have often been the purse... all in a good days work and shopping! 

I know what this particular smiley :-o means - I must have been the model for it...

Hollister - almost rhymes with demolisher, and that is what they do, demolish account balances in plus and turn them into minus.

You may be under the assumption that I don't like Hollister and the likes - in essence I just think they prey on young people's minds in an unhealthy way. But they are not the only ones to ever have done that - it happens all the time and what is there to do? Stop buying? Stop shopping? Well, not my choice for sure hahaha!

People shop for youth, health and beauty, and all of it is availably under your nose in Hollister and Abercrombie (as well as endlessly many other places). Although in my opinion it is a bit of stereotypical image of Barbie and Ken beauty that does not allow for 'normal' beautiful people to be in the crowd.  Where is the Equal Opportunities Policy for job seekers at these beauty-fixated shops?

Nevertheless, we shop for this image that the media has created and we do it with smiles on our faces to make sure the crowd knows we belong - even if the usual size 12, 14 or 16 etc feels a bit tighter than the usual size 12,14 or 16 etc...

Christianshavn - where I lived and shopped second-hand...
Pretty clothes can cover up a lot of things but the attitude is difficult to hide away.

With certain shops comes a certain attitude...that's why second-hand shops are great for me and my second-hand attitude!

Love life - love shopping!?!?

Monday 8 October 2012

Sex for the greater good...


Sex, eh?

Although I am all in favour of speaking in own quotes and made up 'thinking strings' (even with the occasional quote from other people) I will start with a mention I read a little while ago just because it fits nicely in with today.

A great sportsman said something to the extent of 'exercising is like having sex, you should enjoy it as much before doing it, while doing it and after doing it'.

Those who say sex is not all that have either never had the 'right and great' sex or really just say if because it is part of the conditioning we have added to our belief system that we should not place too much importance of physicality, or perhaps they just say it.

Years ago when I ran Laughter Medicine in ISIS Crystals' rooms in St. Albans one of the participants commented at the end of the workshop, when sharing the experience, that it was 'just like having great sex' - the exhilaration and relaxation that followed was a superb measure.

There is a lot of truth in that comment because in all exercising whether it involves sex, weight lifting, laughing or other activities - we release endorphins, the body's selfmade morphin and happy chemical altogether. Woohoo! What's not to like???!!!

And guess what! This is not about sex - this is about exercise - similar release of chemicals although some would prefer one to the other. However, if you are not in a position to exercise then there are other alternatives.

Although you do not get the same muscle toning effect as when you lift weights, Laughter Yoga is a really, really good alternative to ... erm ... exercising - cardiovascular exercising. Furthermore, our abdomen muscles really do tone up and strengthen when we get the deep belly laugh going. Very good for our core muscles which support our posture!

Laughter increases the heart rate and the blood flows faster and with fresh oxygen it is a healthier circulation that now rushes around the body. If you cannot laugh naturally then start off with Laughter Yoga and the playful fun it involves.

Any of these activities produce a sense of wellbeing and it is not just the sense it really does happen to the body and mind, we become calm and peacefully resting in the self.

As for sex and laughter - both create an instant intimacy that initiates a bond between two people in a beautiful and magical way! That is, of course, in my opinion, and between the right people...

 So, to switch on the Happy Factory:
  • If you cannot laugh and cannot have sex - then exercise lots!
  • If you cannot have sex and cannot exercise - then laugh lots!
  • If you cannot exercise and cannot laugh - then have lots of sex!
  • If you cannot do any, then eat lots of chocolate!
  • And finally, if you don't like chocolate then...
    fake it, fake it, until you make it!
And remember, live well, laugh often, love much!

Monday 1 October 2012

Hoolahooping goes nocturnal

Waking up in the middle of the night freezing cold is one of the uncomfortable sensations that needs immediate action - so what do you do?

Step onto the kitchen's icy floor to get a drink that is likely to cause more shivers unless it's a warm and soothing cuppa...

OR grab your hoolahoop which is, of course, always conveniently balancing against the wall next to your bed.

Well - mine is!

There is no better way to get warm and feel great than a few minutes of hooping in the middle of the night. The rhythm of the gentle moves is soothing and almost creates a light trance when twirling the hoolahoop in the dark.

It is definitely a warming and calming experience if you cannot sleep for being cold or - if you cannot sleep. Furthermore it gets your mind into a spin of new ideas so keep a notepad or journal and a pen by your bed, just in case that autobiography gets new life in the wee small hours of the morning...

If you do not own a hoop yet - give yourself the gift of getting one! Hoola Nation knows about the joys you get from this fun activity and I guarantee you it will see you through the Northern Hemisphere winter gloom and give you energy no matter how seriously deflated you feel.

Unless of course for various reasons you cannot engage with physical hooping then hoola hoop your mind instead- laugh for no reason it really is the best medicine for counteracting the blues and cold.

It does not matter how loud and boisterous you laugh - it is the intention to laugh and willingness to feel the change and be with it.

Love life - love laughter - and add a bit of mental or physical hoola hooping to it.

Get hooping on that mind and body!

Monday 24 September 2012

Seriously??? Come ON!

When I was staring at The Laughter Blog posts I realised that the past few weeks have been big nudges and wake up calls - almost to the extent of being a raised finger... Serious stuff, wouldn't you say? All with good intentions, though, and never meant as that raised finger ha ha ha.

You may not think I'm quiet but in year 2 my math teacher said to my mum:
'Finally Lotte has started raising her hand in class'...
I think, that just as much as I hope to inspire you, the honourable reader, I look to do the same for myself. I push myself in order to avoid stagnation and procrastination altogether - with high expectations and with a great belief that all this good stuff I can do, you can do even better!

I suppose, everyone needs a bit of a nudge once in a while - I know, I do.

Writing works for me - it gets me out of the standstill moment and reminds me of my unlimited potential for creating amazing things and results in life.

I love learning and thinking - a bit of a geek (I almost wrote Greek haha)! Thinking and learning keeps your mind youthful and healthy - always be curious!

So this week I thought I would applaud you - and me - only because we are quite extra-ordinary in an extra-ordinary way. Did you know that? Or do you ever think of that?

How fantastic is it to find all of us together, reading these words at this moment in time on this planet? There can only be one reason for it... because it was meant to be in this way at this exact minute. If you believe in synchronicity and things happen for a reason - then that is probably what we are looking at...

The deeper meaning of all this, if there is any, may very well be about the idea that it is okay to appreciate or acknowledge yourself and be kind to yourself.

Life is too short for beating up the poor innocent self for things that may be irreversible so what is the point in hanging on to grudges?

Instead choose the nugdes that push you forward!

Always remember to never stop believing that deserving and getting the best of all is within reach. Go for it - and be curious as heck!

Monday 17 September 2012

What matter? You matter!

There is a lot of talk and writing about what matters in life and lot about reflecting on one's personal importance, improving self-confidence, self-esteem and self-image.

The posters and images stating 'YOU MATTER' are all very encouraging and nothing wrong with that but what does it actually mean?!

The statement is not just a nudge to say 'I'm okay - you're okay' and keep you safe in a nice bubble - it is a call to action!

My status on my personal FaceBook page on Sunday morning read the following:
It only takes one mind and one body to start the feel-good rollercoaster. However, the way it ripples into the world and affects other people is not to be underestimated. If you ever thought for a moment that you can't do 'it' by yourself stop and think again! You are the first person - the place and space where it all begins.
...and then it reflects back to John Donne who was key to last weeks blogpost stating that no man is an island.

It really is true!

We are all in this together and if we as individuals think we can't make a difference or make our voices heard, just think about those individuals who actually did make a difference and projected their voices for the worthy cause of better lives on our planet and in our own personal universes.

There is no point in pinning a sign on our foreheads to keep people away when in fact we need to step up and encourage each other to make that positive change and be a firm stand for it no matter how long we stand alone at first. The ripples, remember?!

My thoughts go back to one March morning in 1995 when one man decided to make an impact with the view to create World Peace - through laughter! Just one man and his vision...

Dr. Madan Kataria is not the only person who has taken action on an idea but his particular idea doesn't take much action other than a breath and a sound, a smile and a look - an instant connection between people from all walks of life. There you have it!

Ho ho ha ha ha!

Laughter Yoga is a commitment to making individuals matter and making play, fun, joy and life matter. This is what we decided for ourselves when we were children - decided to have a great time with what we do - ALSO growing up!

Every word you speak and action you take matters!

It can be one from love or one from fear - it all impacts those who are energetically connected with you so chooose wisely. 

My experiences in life add up to who I am - I can't compare them to other people's wonders, events, suffering and 'stuff' and I would never even consider comparing...

We all carry our own world and only the weight of it is decided by how much we allow the past to take heed in our present moment and into our future life.

Connect with your inner wisdom and make a decision to live fully and without regret - you can't change the past so does it really matter?

You and your thoughts matter - so act on them now!
What will I do to keep the good ball rolling? What will you do?

Monday 10 September 2012

A man is an island - no man is an island?

I have forgotten why this thought miraculously entered my mind, however, at this moment in time where light workers and healers, healthy living prophets and gurus  and many more 'normal people' around the world join their spiritual selves to lift the energy in our Universe to protect life on Earth and beyond, it is fair to say that No Man is an Island.

We are all part of the bigger scheme of things whether we want to or not!

And whether we want to or not is not really a question because people on a whole are not meant to be isolated from others. We are in this world together with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share, or just moments in peace and being together is what it is all about - sharing life.

Still remaining, though, are the masses or people who have built barriers and are barricading themselves behind invisible walls and shields in order to be protected as an individual against the overwhelming world of 'sharers'.

Some have made their choice and for others the separateness, the isolation, has arrived as a result of 'circumstances'...

The attentive reader may remember my view on 'circumstances' from a previous post - we all create our own reality and attract into it what we believe and think is real.  That is, of course, in my opinion...

I'll repeat myself, people are not meant to be isolated from others. I am not referring to a chosen path of hermitism or silence because that is a different experience altogether.

John Donne said 'No Man is an Island' in 1624 and although he was a Christian this way of believing that we all share the same space is shared by many other religions.

This brings me back to the original thought of how we can connect and create bonds and communities across borders and any differences we may have in opinions and ideas.

Many groups are offering many ways of meditating globally, of annual days where we celebrate world peace, peace one day, and other ways to raise awareness of our universal consciousness. However, when you think about these events they are all planned for a particilar moment in time, which is great because many people can then plan in advance to take part, but on the flipside of this is all the time inbetween these events... What then?

Honestly, laughter is the way forward!

When you remove all the ideas of why we should be laughing, and in particular why we should not, then laughter is truly a way to connect and be harmonious together.

Not just saying - I really mean it from the depth within and the width without and I know the difference it makes!

Start your daily Laughter Yoga or Laughter practice and your life experience will change! It starts with one person, yourself...

We really need to let go of stuff instead of hanging on for dear life - then there will be no more islands!

Monday 3 September 2012


'Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.' Roald Dahl

Instead of following the dream that may be waiting at the end of the rainbow we stop looking up...

It is easy to get caught up in believing that things are just the way they are without any consideration for the possible and impossible pursuits that make life exciting.

Complacency, huh?

I think we all experience it at some point during our life journey but whether we get stuck with it or not that is a completely different story. Not saying it's a bad thing, just that it doesn't challenge any greatness (that is, of course, in my opinion as always haha).

For a brief moment in time when I worked as Cover Supervisor in Secondary Schools I experienced this way of looking at things. Sad - the place where we as adults are supposed to set an example and inspire the next generation of extra-ordinary life creators.

However, it was clear in the environment into which I stepped that there was no looking for the big and miraculous within these young people - they were just the way they were.

Every day was just the every day routine of putting things in perspective by handing appropriate 'yellows' to those who misbehave in a way that could not be controlled by standard measures and paedagicical teachings - or did they even try, those trusted adults?

When did we forget the promise we made when we became teachers of the minds and bodies - and made ourselves accountable and responsible for the moulding of young minds and their growth?

Not judging, though! We do what we do because we are equipped with our lessons and knowledge...

Over the years, experience have taught me many a thing, and I have proudly and humbly become a teacher as well as a student of life and opportunity - I teach grown-ups to see what we as adults lost on our way through commitments, challenges, bills and communting, and I learn from each and every one on the way!

In this world of change I truly hope that the students who cross my path and learn from the teachings I am able to pass on, will venture into the playfields of younger as well as more mature minds and take a stand for possibility, and for joy, openness and happiness in life!

Thank you all for teaching me greatness and compassion it is with this in mind and heart that I always write my little blogging posts - whether they make sense or not, sound harsh or loving - or whichever emotion and feeling you add to my words!

A while ago I said to one of my daughter's friends that whatever the exam results and choice of higher education at this stage in life, I hope that each one of you young people will always go out, into the world, and do the things you love doing instead of what you have to do because 'there is no choice'.

Always believe there is a choice and a choice to NOT choose 'laissez-faire'ism!

Monday 27 August 2012

Skipping and jumping or maybe... tripping and frumping

In case you haven't noticed, I quite enjoy writing about small and large things in life, things out of our hands and things we can action - even if the 'things out of our hands' are often just opportunities in disguise - plus lots of other thoughts that enter my cerebral cortex non-stop.

Sometimes I wonder where it all comes from but then I get all excited because it was all there from the beginning and only question that remained was when and how it would come to life and express itself in momentarily weird and absurd ways.

If this is all a lot of mumbo-jumbo then you are on the right track and we are certainly making a connection because for IS totally wacky and wonderful to have these thoughts that come out in a stream of mumbo-jumbo! So there, all said.

Welcome to my planet! We are a lot of good, fun-loving people here and life is full of possibility.

Where does it come from? All this nonsense - well, I for one, would certainly like to know so if you make the discovery do come tell - you know where to find me. On the flipside of that, though - would I really want to know? Probably not because that would be interfering with other great sources of information and could wind up in even more messy messages (note: neat wordplay).

Perhaps you, the kind reader, is shaking your head in disbelief thinking 'where on Earth is she going with this' - I would like to know that, too.

Haha, of course I know where this is going - it is all about getting our inner playful side out in the open and allow it play. Play with life in a gentle way - not in a mocking and hurtful or bullying way, but from a perspective of embacing all life with love and joy inside.

There, I've said it again - same message!

But, do you know what? It cannot be repeated often enough. Life becomes hard and problematic when we say it is hard and problematic. We can change this.

I was laughing as I was stumbling down the hill the other evening because it was rainy and the hill was slippery but I didn't fall - for once.  However, just the thought of tripping and slipping had me howling because the number of times I tripped over invisible cracks in the tiles on the hill cannot be counted on two hands. That is of course owing to the family clumsy gene that I have in abundance...

The thought, however, had me in stitches!

A thought is all it takes!

To either feel great or to feel less great, feel worried or feel full of anticipation...

The less great thoughts can impact life in a challenging way with illness and mishaps, and the great thoughts can impact life in a free-flowing way and help us cope with the illness and mishaps we attracted when having less great thoughts.

Laughter Yoga is an extra-ordinary way to develop the great thoughts indefinitely - the challenges do not disappear but it is how we cope with them that make the journey so fantastic, even when it seems bleek and miserable.

It is never too late to develop the childlike playfulness we all have somewhere inside - a small step is skipping down the road instead of walking in a composed manner...

And now I shall finish with a wonderful and bubbly quote: 'Ho ho ha ha ha' - now you can go and practice.

With love, joy and laughter we conquer the world!

Monday 20 August 2012

The only thing about open windows in the summer... that the flies and wasps enter in big numbers and occupy the window areas to try and escape through the glass... It is the time to look carefully where you step as the late summer and ripe fruits get the pointy-bottomed bees and wasps on a drunken cruise in the end only to land on the floor where innocently stepping feet squash them with swelling to follow. Ouch!

But open windows also bring lots of other pleasures streaming through the openness - sounds of bumbles buzzing, laughing children and adults, birds tweeting, church bells chiming.
I have ear-access to the St. Albans Cathedral and it proclaims its existence ever so often.

Do you ever stop and listen - beyond the noises from the traffic? Just take a moment and allow your hearing to go one step further than the immediate sound pollutants - there is a space where the quiet is vibrating and leaving only the beauty of nature, of life, and its sweet music a passage through to your mind's ear and your soul's listening.

This is the space where you listen from love and embrace everything life is and is not.

In a conversation today I was reminded of the many obstacles life can bring to one family let alone two families or even the global family. It is often easier to stay with our personal troublesome dramas than to let them go, but letting them go and learning from experience is where there is room for growth and health. On the way, though, it is great to have good friends who can lift the spirits when times seem tough.

At this moment in time friendships are forming through time and space with caring thoughts for those who are challenged by life's 'noises' and those who are not. We are an amazing community of people!

Whether our friendships are created in real life or the virtual world, we are all reaching out and sharing love, healing, laughter, joy, support, smiles, care and hugs. Things we all need to get through in life in the bestest way that we can imagine - and perhaps even a little it better...

World Laughter Day 2000 in Copenhagen

Even if you cannot physically hear the songs of these wonderful sharing people, you share the world with, you can open your mind and your heart and allow for the love to settle in you. It is the only way forward and it is the true inner spirit of laughter and joy.

With love in our hearts we can conquer anything! Even the painful bee stings.

I know you already know all that has been said here, and it is being spoken about by everyone more famous that me, but I bet that when you started reading about open windows and bee stings you probably had no idea where this blog post would take you - me neither!

However, by now, perhaps you have a slight idea that the mind of the blogger (me!) works in an inquisitative and curious way that may (or may not) inspire your own mind to wander off in the distance where there are limitless horizons of ideas waiting to be explored.

Thinking curious thoughts can be a VERY good thing!

Monday 13 August 2012


- Young at heart. Slightly older in other places -
The lines are deep ridges making their way across his forehead, the laughter has made its cheerful highlights on the corners of his eyes, the worries that never turned to problems but nevertheless made their marks, the skin that creases when he grins and his blue eyes extend their smile and love to me...

The face that is perfect - just the way it is!

A bit of healthy obsession with the ones we love and care about, the people we dream of sharing our years with through aeons plus this life time.

I guess it is just my way of seeing - no one is perfect, yet everyone is perfectly perfect in exactly that moment in time and space that is now.


People are SO obsessed with youth - when did that happen? Was it when images started being air brushed and we turned to technology to wipe the blemishes away? When news became readily available at our fingertips and we discovered how we 'are supposed to look'? Digital remastering of our own photos taking years off our naturally aging beauty?

Or perhaps it has always been that way because of the general concern with being replaced - whether it is by  our partner or our workplace replacing us with cheaper workforce with fewer years of experience, or just competing for the attention of our peers... Trying to keep control of something that has its own way, time.

Maybe just a natural sociological phenomenon that exists in all species - or are we the only species that has others dictating what is attractive, brain washing us into thinking age is unattractive or whatever the standardised 'belle du jour' tells us is beautiful as the 'truth'?

Youth - the time challenge which will never grow old!

But our friends know us! and there really is no need to hide because our friends and family are there no matter what signs the years caress our bodies with.

The sentence 'if I knew what I know today when I was 20 years old...', then we could have been wise and young? Well, there is probably a good reason it was not so. One reason being that life experience comes with the years and if we know it all consciously at a young age what trouble would we then avoid getting into? Trouble,  which at the time we are 20 is great fun getting in and out of! What a waste of years of learning - that would truly be missing out on building our character, turning us into arrogant know-it-alls at 20 instead of 40.

And no matter how wise and knowing the years have made me and how many wrinkles and laughter lines it has added to my face, a balloon still pops when you poke it with a pointy object making it burst with a loud sound that still makes me jump and all my wrinkles jump with me!

Another fact of life along with growing older!

Long live the years we learn and grow, the love we feel in our hearts and souls, and the wrinkles the lessons leave on our faces!

Monday 6 August 2012

Bouncing ideas from other minds!

It seems it has become a habit of mine to include a quote from someone famous or less famous in my blog when all I wanted was to voice my own ideas and thoughts - ha! ha! ha!

However, isn't it true that many of the great ideas we get in life have often already been given life in the past whether they have been followed through or not, and sometimes these sentences resonate at some level within us, well, perhaps it is because we have an urge to take that thought to the next level - for ourselves?!

Who inspires your life?

Life is an ongoing learning process that is meant to be easy and enjoyable, yet sometimes the lessons are perceived tough and we question 'why me', 'why us', 'why...' without digging deep inside ourselves to search and find the answers.

I'm not saying the answers are there nor am I saying they are not, but it is often so easy to look outside to point our fingers at things and circumstances to be the cause of our own misery when, in fact, the challenge needs to be dealt with from inside instead of blaiming other people and thinking they should sort their stuff so we can feel better.

Am I making sense at all? Or repeating myself non-stop?

Hmm, whether I am or not I believe we all need to seek a lot of answers, which we are currently searching for outside, inside.

It may seem a bit harsh to consider because some life events may not seem to fall into the category of inner reflection and you may ask 'how would that be my fault or my decision'?

But it is not about faults or blaming anyone, it may not be the event itself, but instead the coping with it... It is about stopping our auto-pilot removing responsibility from ourselves!

In a related way it has been said beautifully by Carlos Santana
The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart. The most powerful weapon you can be is an instrument of peace.
And Dr. Madan Kataria said it equally beautiful in his words about changing ourselves before we see change in the world around us
When you laugh, you change. When you change, the whole world changes.
Today's ideas are often spawned from other philosophical ideas. It doesn't mean the outcome we individually create is not unique because it is, everything that comes from any one person is uniquely thought of by that person - even if based on other people's material - because the reasoning behind it, which brings it to life, is completely individual unless every mind is cloned from one intelligent source...???

Another me?
Now, THERE's another interesting thought!? Perhaps for another blogpost and perhaps about multiple existenses and universes with copies, multiverses where we walk in different shoes with same bodies, would there be another source of creation etc.

Mind blowing - for me, at least...

Until next week, enjoy today as if there is only today and only this world - and there really is, if you think about it!


Monday 30 July 2012

Knowledge vs. Wisdom

A great Zen proverb reminded me of my past life in technology-related jobs...
Knowledge is learning something new every day.
Wisdom is letting go of something every day.
I remember I was asked the question at a job interview once - whether I knew my range in-depth or had the wisdom to fully understand the extent of the range. In any job interview situation the instinct is to make yourself look as good and clever as possible so, of course, I had the wisdom!

Bligh me, did I have work to do if I got the job?!?!?! Oh yeah!

I have never applied for a job I was fully qualified to do because my reasoning has always been that if I know all I will be doing in a job then I will quickly get bored.... and I did get the job by the way. 

And isn't that what it is about? Extending ourselves beyond what we know in order to grow? I believe it is and I believe it builds the kind of confidence that allow for us to create little (or big) miracles within ourselves and stretching out beyond.

Through my work with spreading laughter through teaching Laughter Yoga to individuals and teams and whole organisations there is a huge element of learning in every workshop and course I run.

Laughter Yoga, therapeutic laughter, laughter coaching - whichever label you add to the work I do, the inept wisdom it represents is there and available to anyone who wish to be a student in life and of life. I never get tired of learning!

The perspective it adds to what we know and what we don't know and what we don't even know we don't know is truly mind-buggling and very exciting if you like learning and understanding the lessons life brings about.
I believe we, as people, are at a stage in our life cycle where we must look inside in order to preserve and rebuild what is around us for a caring view instead of one of all-consuming want'ism.  There is a reason more and more of us seek knowledge in the ancient wisdom that we used to live by when we had less things and required less to lead a good life.

People are looking inside and looking for ways to improve health and wellbeing - not just for the self but for the environment, our communities, and humankind in general. 

And it all starts in one place... Too many people think that they cannot do anything because they are just 'one person' but the ripple effect has been around for a long time and it doesn't stop once you take the step...

Always trust that your step makes a BIG difference!

And remember, I cannot help but adding my view and thoughts along with what I think is going on - it doesn't mean you agree. However, it does mean that I send you lots of love, healing, giggles, guffaws, and kind thoughts, and whichever are appropriate for you at this moment in time are the ones you will get.

On that note, I wish you a lifetime of growth and wonders!