Monday 26 November 2012

Flood alert!

The UK is faced with storms and flooding at the moment and my heart and thoughts go out to those affected wishing them the best of all in recovering from the destructive forces of nature.

...splish splash...

It is not that type of flood alert I am pondering on this morning, though.

I love watching a good movie, that makes me laugh, smile, bite my lip, cry and laugh some more - that's the best one, although I also like the fast one, the mysterious one, the futuristic one, and the great adventure.

Watching City of Angels last night made me think all good thoughts but I know the moment when it gets to the part I hate because I can feel my eyes welling up and that's when the viaducts open and my eyes overflow only to bring my makeup to a right mess.

It is just a movie but it touches on something that is really deeply ingrained in me and perhaps even in many people, I imagine - the sadness and complete feeling of loss and sorrow when suddenly losing the special people in our lives. The film reminds me of my highest hopes and dreams for being with the man I love, my family and the friends I love but also the thought that our life together may be ending before we even start a wonderful future ahead of us.

My mummy once said to me that we cannot go around being afraid of everything because then we become overpowered by fear and stop living altogether. My mummy is a wise woman. I love my mum!

We only truly lose our loved ones when we forget what they were all about, their creativity, their life force, their love of life, fun, forget that they themselves were a force of nature. Good memories, good times!

Bringing my thoughts back to the forces of nature where so many people go through wild, weird and scary events on a daily basis, and there is no human control.

It is winter in less than a week and the weathery somersaults have only just started their acceleration path - there is more wet and cold to come!

But we are lucky because we have the opportunity of having a roof over our heads and stay indoors shielded from nature. Besides, it is only weather.

Not sure how to bring this all together except to say that life is life and it is mostly beautiful and wonderous and...

Luckily City of Angels is only a movie! And we still have life and love to share.

Live today, laugh today, and love today!

Monday 19 November 2012

Empty and meaningless

Getting to a point where everything matters based on a point of non-attachment from any possible or impossible outcome must be the most peaceful place to be and act from.

There is no stress or tension because there are no expectations to the outcome of any situtation or event.

There is only the commitment to seeing things through, playing with life, as if life itself depended upon it, and still knowing that everything is fine.

Empty and meaningless. It doesn't mean that things don't matter or have substance or value it is only coming from a place of true unconditional essence without a need for an agenda or control of the situation.

A place where we all matter because we are, not because we have names, titles, money, jobs, possessions etc.!

Maybe it only makes sense to me or maybe I am just repeating myself from past weeks?

The other day I discussed a similar concept, 'letting go', and the question of how to know that we have in fact let go of what needs to be let go of...

Same with non-attachment. How do you know you have let go of the attachment to an outcome of a situation?

The moment when you are in love or when you truly love, and it's okay whatever the outcome of this love would be, because that love is part of your being and will always be there, then you can talk about unconditional love from a space of empty and meaningless.

I'm not quite there yet - except I am...sometimes...

This weekend I was in the presence of some extra-ordinary people who just enjoyed and loved the containment of likeminded souls, thoughts, spirits and hearts, and who shared that energy which was created from fun, love, sincere warmth and laughter without having to add anything except the pleasure of the company and space we shared.

We are all students of life and we are all teachers.

I hope life will never stop tickling your curiosity and that outcomes will become less important than the shared heart-space.

From non-attachment to any result it is easy to play with life and dance in the light of the moon!


Monday 12 November 2012


Begin each day as if it were on purpose! 

The purpose note sits just above by screen to catch my line of view when I raise my gaze to find inspiration.

Start with good intention and follow through - that's what it's about... It is not a thought but a feeling that is carried with you throughout the day, every day.

Everyone makes a difference in the lives we touch whether it is a positive or a negative we pass on and it takes 10 positives to outweigh a negative - at least that's what I heard years and years ago - so why not try the positive and not even needing to counterbalance any negatives?!

It struck me as we were going through the past week of Laughter Yoga Teacher Training that our society is full of senior people who have little but bingo as a regular activity week in and week out. Nothing wrong with bingo, by the way, it is just that it doesn't really move people and circulate them fully...

That is why it is so inspiring to hear every Laughter Professor's vision to create a different present and future through the use of Laughter Yoga.

We are the generation who is next in line for the that really the outlook?

Get off your bottom and make every day count, make that connection with others and smile that smile of hope, reaching out with love instead of worry and concern. We are connected, advantaged, courageous and everything without 'dis'! We can overcome the unimaginable with ease and help each other remove 'dis' - when we trust and believe.

Miracles in every step.

I may have been carried away a bit in my praise of what is available to each and everyone of us but after a week of total trust in this process I have no doubt that there is opportunity, possibility and probability in this world.

Remember that people have gone there before us.

If no one is there to hear, see or learn - will it make a difference? Oh yes.

My everyday purpose is to spread peace, love, smiles and laughter! What is your purpose?

Monday 5 November 2012


17th December 2011 - few days before Winter Solstice
We are still some weeks away from Winter Solstice - the time of the shortest day and longest night.

Winter Solstice, a time for reflection!

My reflective mood has already kicked off or kicked in - although I am very very often in a reflective moor this seems to be in a different way than the (sometimes) lighter way I usually reflect.

It was a birthday reminder that brought memories to my mind and a tear to my eye - a friend who passed much too early three years ago. Bringing up thoughts of my loved ones who have passed.

And it happens all the time. Except it affects me differently when it is people I know, but that's just me...and you may feel the same way...or you may not.

Every time the world is touched uncontrollably by nature, as with the recent Hurricane Sandy, I always wish I could do some more than praying for the affected people and sending distance healing but that is what I do. However, when 'my people' are touched by dramatic changes in family, friendships and other important matters, I am ready to go on a crusade for love, health and justice.

Losing someone we love and care about is a huge deal and it doesn't get smaller with the years. Only the way we cope changes, and it becomes an everyday occurrence of a thought, a smile, a tear, a cry, a laugh, a reflection, a memory.

The festive seasons when memories are often strong is when the loss feels greater, like Yul Tide or Chrismas - as well as this time also being the dark, cold season.

This experience is no different for me than lots of other people I am guessing.

However, it is a time to celebrate what we have, what we had and what we are creating from the warmth and depth of our hearts. Time to let go of the troubled memories and look at the good times we had, bringing them into the present moment for the celebration of life.

My good friend was stabbed and nearly murdered two years ago which brings back some solid memories of grief and sadness, upsets and anger. She lived to tell the tale and although this time of year is a reminder for her of some hefty nasty moments, she is grateful every day for surviving and she makes the most of this life from a generous place.

If something is dragging you down - is it worth holding on to? Remember the good times, the good things, the good people, the good 'stuff'!

Embrace the light within every moment and every memory!

That's what our future is made of!

Just reflect on it - after Winter Solstice comes the time for renewal and for refreshing ideas!

Bring it on, 2013 - way beyond 21st December 2012!