Monday, 24 September 2012

Seriously??? Come ON!

When I was staring at The Laughter Blog posts I realised that the past few weeks have been big nudges and wake up calls - almost to the extent of being a raised finger... Serious stuff, wouldn't you say? All with good intentions, though, and never meant as that raised finger ha ha ha.

You may not think I'm quiet but in year 2 my math teacher said to my mum:
'Finally Lotte has started raising her hand in class'...
I think, that just as much as I hope to inspire you, the honourable reader, I look to do the same for myself. I push myself in order to avoid stagnation and procrastination altogether - with high expectations and with a great belief that all this good stuff I can do, you can do even better!

I suppose, everyone needs a bit of a nudge once in a while - I know, I do.

Writing works for me - it gets me out of the standstill moment and reminds me of my unlimited potential for creating amazing things and results in life.

I love learning and thinking - a bit of a geek (I almost wrote Greek haha)! Thinking and learning keeps your mind youthful and healthy - always be curious!

So this week I thought I would applaud you - and me - only because we are quite extra-ordinary in an extra-ordinary way. Did you know that? Or do you ever think of that?

How fantastic is it to find all of us together, reading these words at this moment in time on this planet? There can only be one reason for it... because it was meant to be in this way at this exact minute. If you believe in synchronicity and things happen for a reason - then that is probably what we are looking at...

The deeper meaning of all this, if there is any, may very well be about the idea that it is okay to appreciate or acknowledge yourself and be kind to yourself.

Life is too short for beating up the poor innocent self for things that may be irreversible so what is the point in hanging on to grudges?

Instead choose the nugdes that push you forward!

Always remember to never stop believing that deserving and getting the best of all is within reach. Go for it - and be curious as heck!

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Kat Woods said...

As always, Lotte, your blog is a wonderful reflection pool :)

I can't imagine you ever finger-wagging. Although wouldn't it be great if everyone finger-wagging laughed everytime they wagged, instead of using words? I don't think I'd mind being 'zapped' with laughter :D

I often find that when I write, the words I need to acknowledge slip out of the pen and miraculously appear on the page in front of me. All of a sudden I'm being kind to myself.

You show a wonderful kindness to the world in sharing your thoughts. Please never even entertain the idea that there is anything other than positive nuturing in them.

Thank you :)

*rapturous applause*

Love and Luaghter,
Kat xxx