Monday, 10 September 2012

A man is an island - no man is an island?

I have forgotten why this thought miraculously entered my mind, however, at this moment in time where light workers and healers, healthy living prophets and gurus  and many more 'normal people' around the world join their spiritual selves to lift the energy in our Universe to protect life on Earth and beyond, it is fair to say that No Man is an Island.

We are all part of the bigger scheme of things whether we want to or not!

And whether we want to or not is not really a question because people on a whole are not meant to be isolated from others. We are in this world together with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share, or just moments in peace and being together is what it is all about - sharing life.

Still remaining, though, are the masses or people who have built barriers and are barricading themselves behind invisible walls and shields in order to be protected as an individual against the overwhelming world of 'sharers'.

Some have made their choice and for others the separateness, the isolation, has arrived as a result of 'circumstances'...

The attentive reader may remember my view on 'circumstances' from a previous post - we all create our own reality and attract into it what we believe and think is real.  That is, of course, in my opinion...

I'll repeat myself, people are not meant to be isolated from others. I am not referring to a chosen path of hermitism or silence because that is a different experience altogether.

John Donne said 'No Man is an Island' in 1624 and although he was a Christian this way of believing that we all share the same space is shared by many other religions.

This brings me back to the original thought of how we can connect and create bonds and communities across borders and any differences we may have in opinions and ideas.

Many groups are offering many ways of meditating globally, of annual days where we celebrate world peace, peace one day, and other ways to raise awareness of our universal consciousness. However, when you think about these events they are all planned for a particilar moment in time, which is great because many people can then plan in advance to take part, but on the flipside of this is all the time inbetween these events... What then?

Honestly, laughter is the way forward!

When you remove all the ideas of why we should be laughing, and in particular why we should not, then laughter is truly a way to connect and be harmonious together.

Not just saying - I really mean it from the depth within and the width without and I know the difference it makes!

Start your daily Laughter Yoga or Laughter practice and your life experience will change! It starts with one person, yourself...

We really need to let go of stuff instead of hanging on for dear life - then there will be no more islands!

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