Friday 7 September 2018

Scamming, spamming, slamming, jamming...

When the internet opened its gates to the general public many years ago now the doors to people with less good intentions also opened up.

Luckily there are many more good intentions out there than those who are looking to defy and defeat good people.

Over the past few months it has been brought to my attention on a couple of occasions that there are emails circulating which may or may not contain the name of businesses that I am related to or responsible for in terms of the Laughter Yoga World.

My first REAL hack of, was in 2007 – a real hack where my website was temporarily taken over by another page. 

Second time was not a real hack but more an email issue that should probably have been picked up by my hosting company but they didn’t. 

I had an auto-responder set for when I was away and for some reason a spam or spoofing email kept replying back to me when I sent my ‘Out of Office’ it would reply and I would respond again with my ‘Out of Office’ and so the loop continued until I had used up my traffic max and my website became unavailable. 

There were 77K or more emails in my inbox and I could not access it because my data limit had been exceeded. Got it sorted with my hosting after lenthy discussions but I was offline for a few hours which is not good for any type of business.

These are just examples of how things can go horribly wrong and fortunately in my case it was just for a very short period of time as I am in the position where I can work it out myself.


Getting back to the recent cyber crimes which they essentially are. These are emails suggesting that my businesses are either working with an SEO company or the latest one that Laughter Association UK has a mailing list of 700+ contacts that can be purchased at $195 or similar.

Let me reassure you that there are NO LISTS available for sale from Laughter Association UK nor from UnitedMind Ltd, The Laughter Company (TLC) Ltd or any other business with which I association myself, and there never have been.

All offences or presumed offences have been reported to the National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Centre.

I am a publicly findable person on the internet but I take personal and professional privacy very seriously. UnitedMind Ltd, The Laughter Company (TLC) Ltd and Laughter Association UK have very strict privacy policies which are in line with the GDPR and any data protection acts applicable.

Please be aware that there are spammers, scammers, phishers, spoofers, fraudsters and all sorts out there who will email you even when you think you are safe from spam, the GDPR does not guarantee this at all. 

A TIP! If your name is not in the To-field AND you have not requested the information AND you don’t know the person AND there is no personal greeting and lots of other signs, don’t even bother but bin it straight away.

Please let me know if you have any questions -

I am quite visible on the internet and happy to be found because sharing Laughter Yoga is important to me and if no one was able to find me or the people I work with then it kind of defeats the whole idea of what we aim to do to, share world peace through laughter.

Always with the best of intentions, a big heart, and lots of love and laughter.

Stay safe - in life and online!

Lotte Mikkelsen
Laughter Yoga Master Trainer