Monday 26 August 2013


One of these word-things again...

Er, no.

Well, yes, but only because it is writing and therefore it is with words.

Initially, however, I thought of bringing up all the things about my draft blogs and why they remain drafts etc.

But then I thought of the word 'draft' and 'draught' and my mind drifted off to the thought of wind sweeping through the creaky windows in old houses.

Alas, this is not about any of those things. It is in fact the past tense of to drift.

I drift, I draft, I have druft.

No? Well, it could have been if no one checked the dictionary or other books for word origins.
So let me keep it at the past tense of 'to drift'.

This is only a thought up idea and complete nonsense with a bit of a chuckle in the background as I am smilingly writing these sentenses.

And why not? Why not I may ask again? Can we not make up words just like any other slang-swirling swinger who joins words and make up language progress. Why not 'normal' words with new bends and twists?

So back to draft.

My thoughts draft as I sat down to focus on serious admin stuff... Yeah, I can see why drifted is a much better word cos it may seem I have a drafty mind.

Alright, let me return to what it really is about. Drafts. The sketches that remain sketches because the outcome is yet to be completed.

I was looking through my documents, my scribbles and all my glossy plans of passionate writing. The only thing that sprung to my mind was 'Get on and finish the work!' instead of keeping drafts floating all about with ideas instead of realisations.

So much babbling to get to the point, wouldn't you agree?

The point is that I have so many ideas - so many ideas that are still ideas after all these years of thinking them up. I talk about taking action in my trainings and my workshops, and I do take action but I leave the toughies for later. Later being 'a timeless draft'.

Sincere apologies to everyone I have involved in my endless ideas and to those who have been involved in endless drafts and booked in the diary's One Day or Some Day.

The only way to move forward is to openly and officially stating the commitment and committing to taking the spoon in the other hand (Danish for 'turn over a new leaf').

I am ready to act instead of react! Are you?
All you good folk, I am ready for change! Are you?

Monday 19 August 2013

Jack my swag!

Evolution of language...

The New Scientist states the following about language:
Linguists define language as any system which allows the free and unfettered expression of thoughts into signals, and the complementary interpretation of such signals back into thoughts. 
Our minds are amazing and awesome!

To be able to do JUST that and then change what other people say, write, express, suppose, think, etc. and develop it into something new - it is just beyond fantastic.

For a bit of hip chat it is advisable to engage in top convos with young people who totally speak the Urban Dictionary lingo.

Yeah. I don't quite speak it... Just saying - in case you didn't notice...

It is fun to play with language!

After a week with my lovely mum and her very advanced crosswords I learned a lot of new OLD words and latin phrases I will never use in conversation but how sad it made me to think that young people will probably never know the extent of language and its expansion over hundreds of years. But then they have the opportunity to extend and expand it in ways still unimaginable.


This weekend no one followed troop when the word was 'I dare you to...dip in the ocean' except for us two - but what does it matter if people don't 'jack your swag'? It only means a bit of individual power and nonsense that only you buy into ha!

Or perhaps a bit of competitive 'don't think you can dare me' consequential attitude...

Praise individuality - that was the reason I showed up on my first day of 6th Form, barefoot and black nail varnish.

No one saw that coming and no one saw it catching on in the posh Frederiksberg Gymnasium.

Oh well - you win some, you lose some and in the end it is all about being comfortable in own skin and letting the swag-jackers do what they do best in the world of fashion statements.

Language is here to stay in whichever shape it develops - as is black nail varnish but that is an entirely different story...

I dare you to go Gibberish!

Monday 12 August 2013

Just ONE word today.


Oh and then perhaps Laugther Yoga and World Peace.

...and then there are mums!
Don't know where to start and where to finish today but one thing is true that with the right amount of love and laughter there really is only peace and freedom!

When it is August I usually miss my calling, Laughter Yoga, because I tend to keep the month free for holiday-type-of-activities. However, this year it has been full of loads of Laughter Yoga, including the real spontaneous laughter and giggles that stems from the heart of joyfulness.

How do you get in touch with that essential laughter core?

Well, you could ask my client who started an 8-week Laughter Coaching Programme last week because just one hour of learning Laughter Yoga brought real laughter into real life, or you could just ask me...

There is no doubt that real and spontaneous laughter is the most wonderful expression to be shared between caring people but when it is but a distant memory - how do you find it? How do you re-activate that laughter that does not even have a sound? Does a tree make a sound when it falls and no one is there to hear it? What is the sound of laughter when no one is there to express or experience it?

Ask me about laughter - I am no authority and yet I am, we all are, but some know a bit more about variations of laughter and that is where there is a choice to learn and to teach.

So back to love...

Laughter Yoga teaches you to let go of inhibitions and create space for real and profound love of life.

And...then there is LOVE.

I rest my case and finish with just one word and recommend you stick with it!


Monday 5 August 2013

Nobody's perfect...

...yet all is perfect exactly the way it is!

A perfect moment on a perfect path faced with nothing
You may disagree - and I may even disagree at times but stop for a moment and be in this exact moment and you will feel it. Feel the beauty of being present.

Only when you stop and really stop, do you discover the magic of being in the moment of life. It is something intangible and untouchable but it is there.

The presence.

Breathing is in the moment - not in the past and not in the future. Breathing is where life happens!

The breath you take is what defines either the stress or the calm so make your next breath count, make it one of those life-giving, airfilled, body experiences that leaves you full of energy and feeling refreshed.

Everything that happened in the past and everything that is anticipated for the future happens in thought every moment you think about it, but if you let it go, then you are the one that happens in the moment.

Isn't it amazing to ponder on life as it was and as it never will be again or 'never in a million years' - who foresees a million years, anyway? Actually. Who is around in a million years?

Or maybe the right question is 'where is a million years from now?' Perhaps it is just a fraction of a moment away in a parallel Universe regardless of the time zone we plot around in during our Earth existence...???

That is of course a different subject but essentially no matter where or when we are RIGHT NOW - this is the perfect moment for a lot of things.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Perhaps the perfect moment to
  • say passionately to someone 'I love you'
  • sigh contently while watching the sunset
  • jump excitedly out of bed
  • dance energetically around in nature
  • smile genuinely at a stranger
  • plot mischievously with a friend
  • sing loudly with the birds in the sky
  • laugh ecstatically for no reason

Or perhaps it is just a moment to enjoy the stillness of time.

Your choice.