Monday, 24 December 2012

...wup wup wup...

...wuppa Gangnam style!

What makes popular? and wide-spread? and approved? and accepted?

And why is it that in the UK we are so great at so many things, but so slow at adopting and adapting new methods for health and happiness?

Or rather, what determines the success of a programme?

Take for example Zumba, it struck overnight and is a health craze that swept the nation in the blink of an eye. Why is it then only a select few who can see the same potential with Laughter Yoga? But then, worldwide there are 10,000s of Laughter Clubs so perhaps the question is mainly a local one...

Laughter Yoga is life-changing and health-boosting! It is at the tip of your tongue, literally, so what is the real difference?

We practice Laughter Yoga in a closed group so people can be as self-expressed as they wish, no difference there, but there must be something that keeps people from joining the classes regularly. Some people say it's fantastic and they will be back but never return, some are just honest and say it is not for them.

And I suppose that is how it is with all types of exercising and practices.

However, if you have only been to a Laughter Yoga session once then it is definitely too early to say whether it is for you or not. You need at least a few tries!

Even if it is slightly out of your comfort zone!

Coming to the end of 2012 with all the exciting things that have been going on over the past many months, I am in a state of questionning, reflecting and reviewing how things progressed and how to move forward in the new year and years ahead. Natural process, I imagine - for me at least, it happens every year around this time...

Laughter Yoga has been around for almost 17 years, laughter even longer, and I can guarantee you it is here to stay. I am totally committed to and in the mood for creating success together with everyone who has invested their time, money and their health in laughing! We are on a wonderful journey with plenty of space for smiles and laughs as well as any tear that need surfacing. And Laughter Yoga really gets you on a rollercoaster through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual sides of life - it is not just about laughing, it is about growing.

Life will change if you take on the challenge and truly want an extra-ordinary life full of all you ever wanted and then some.

So - who's with me?! It will be fun, I promise - plus a lot of other things.

All I want for Christmas (apart from you!) is the further spreading of Laughter Yoga for health, joyfulness, happiness, and longevity, for personal success, emotional expansion, and at the core of it all - for World peace! 

Wishing you all a jolly good Christmas and a wonderful festive season celebration!

Love and Blessings, Lotte.

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Hanna Pietilä said...

The whole Zumba system is brilliant. Zumba has had a huge campaign in TV shops for years. There are campaigns like "Party in Pink" that is raising money for good breast cancer research. The "secret" of that success is that there are businessmen behind the brand. They have built the whole system, from master trainers to Zumba instructors to support it.

What Laughter Yoga needs to do the same is marketing to make it better known. That would require serious advertising, professionals to do that, a serious business model. The potential is there, we know that. We need to use celebrity faces to promote LY as they are promoting Zumba. "This thing changed my life!" :)