Monday 6 August 2018

I learned something - about myself

Vulnerability seems to be a key thing these days. I hope it continues on...

Over the past few years things have surfaced that I haven't really thought were impacting who I am today, but somehow they have.

Not only that, by those things surfacing I have allowed myself to let go and let other thing come up so I go grow throught the release of stuff that serves no purpose.

Life is a brilliant teacher!

So here is one thing I recently decided to change about myself - if you fancy listening or perhaps rather, reading... it is not meant to be too heavy and in fact perhaps it may help you realise a few things that may be worth letting go of for yourself.

But even if you don't that's fine, too.

I felt I was an awkward young person back millions of years ago which of course is in my opinion although I am sure I was.

When I started partying and dancing as a teenager - thank goodness for the 80s small moves where you didn't really move too much. I could feel the rhythm and sense it but I just didn't have the moves because I was too concerned with other people and their much better moves.

Looking at other people thinking I wanted to move that way too, dance like they did and my friend were amazing. I wanted some of that total self-expression they had on the dance floor.

The mind of Lotte Mikkelsen was overthinking the dance steps and I kept doing my 80s sidesteps.

I kept doing it or simply avoiding the dance floor.

In the 5-day Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training we have dance and movement evenings with Laughter Yoga and free flowing dancing. Great!

Since starting teaching the course when I became the Laughter Yoga Master Trainer in 2012 I always stepped back a little on those evening allowing the Teacher Trainees to 'do their thang' and that is absultely how it should be. However, I was also conscious that it was a kinda cushion so I didn't show my lack of connection with the rhythm or maybe moreso wanting to be look good dancing, too much thinking!

When Patch Adams grabbed me and swung me around to the beat of 'Blue suede shose' last year I felt like a sack of potatoes and did my best to pretend I was a little fnuff that was easy to tackle on a dance. Poor Patch but it did not matter because Patch does not judge and it was fun and I was so, so self-conscious thinking I was messing it all up.

Think about the many things we stop ourselves from experiencing because our mind says 'not good enough'. This is not just about dancing it is about holding ourselves back in life when it is time to have a full-on experience!

The fact is, that I am not here to be a Dance Instructor, I am hear to be a great teacher of Laughter Yoga and of ways of living life fully.

Oh dear, I cannot help but laugh when thinking of how we can fool ourselves for so long because this was never in my thinking, this is simply on reflection after I had an awesome experience of letting go and being in the flow of the music with my Larches Group at Larches Community.

Learning disabilities. When people have limitations or inhibitions, whether they are produced by physical or psycological defects or induced by society and community, the beauty of teaching is finding a way of breaking through the barriers.

If you are weighed down by your own self-perceived short-coming and inhibitions how can you teach others to let go and be free and self-expressed, gaining confidence through the work you do with them?


We put on Laugh and Dance Party at Larches Community and I checked out the group and then everything simply unfolded. This beautiful group follows the leader, follows instructions, and if I as the facilitator cannot show the way then the door to self-expression stays closed.

The best dance ever!

And letting go of my own sense of how I should come across to people when I dance was a real breakthrough for me. When you are in the moment it really does not matter and magic happens because the thinking brain takes a nap and lets the sensing brain feel the music and move with the notes.

My Larches gained fantastic confidence from the work they had been taking on over the term; singing, dancing, paiting, experiencing, laughing, writing, reading, drawing, crafting and interacting. They learned a lot and stood up with self-worth and confidence at their Finale Concert.

I learned a lot from them, too, even if I was confident and knew myself already. Being with people with different levels of abilities peeled off a few more layers.

Life is a great teacher when you take onboard its lessons.

This is not about dancing, it is about what we pile on top of ourselves to avoid feeling vulnerable.

I take a deep breath and sigh in relief as I press the Publish button. This is a big deal for me to share as I am the image of max capacity for life and this was a little chip that was less than max - that is how life is, chips and mends that helps us grow and become more caring, compassionate and loving.

Thank you for readind and for not judging me, others and yourself.

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