Monday 27 August 2012

Skipping and jumping or maybe... tripping and frumping

In case you haven't noticed, I quite enjoy writing about small and large things in life, things out of our hands and things we can action - even if the 'things out of our hands' are often just opportunities in disguise - plus lots of other thoughts that enter my cerebral cortex non-stop.

Sometimes I wonder where it all comes from but then I get all excited because it was all there from the beginning and only question that remained was when and how it would come to life and express itself in momentarily weird and absurd ways.

If this is all a lot of mumbo-jumbo then you are on the right track and we are certainly making a connection because for IS totally wacky and wonderful to have these thoughts that come out in a stream of mumbo-jumbo! So there, all said.

Welcome to my planet! We are a lot of good, fun-loving people here and life is full of possibility.

Where does it come from? All this nonsense - well, I for one, would certainly like to know so if you make the discovery do come tell - you know where to find me. On the flipside of that, though - would I really want to know? Probably not because that would be interfering with other great sources of information and could wind up in even more messy messages (note: neat wordplay).

Perhaps you, the kind reader, is shaking your head in disbelief thinking 'where on Earth is she going with this' - I would like to know that, too.

Haha, of course I know where this is going - it is all about getting our inner playful side out in the open and allow it play. Play with life in a gentle way - not in a mocking and hurtful or bullying way, but from a perspective of embacing all life with love and joy inside.

There, I've said it again - same message!

But, do you know what? It cannot be repeated often enough. Life becomes hard and problematic when we say it is hard and problematic. We can change this.

I was laughing as I was stumbling down the hill the other evening because it was rainy and the hill was slippery but I didn't fall - for once.  However, just the thought of tripping and slipping had me howling because the number of times I tripped over invisible cracks in the tiles on the hill cannot be counted on two hands. That is of course owing to the family clumsy gene that I have in abundance...

The thought, however, had me in stitches!

A thought is all it takes!

To either feel great or to feel less great, feel worried or feel full of anticipation...

The less great thoughts can impact life in a challenging way with illness and mishaps, and the great thoughts can impact life in a free-flowing way and help us cope with the illness and mishaps we attracted when having less great thoughts.

Laughter Yoga is an extra-ordinary way to develop the great thoughts indefinitely - the challenges do not disappear but it is how we cope with them that make the journey so fantastic, even when it seems bleek and miserable.

It is never too late to develop the childlike playfulness we all have somewhere inside - a small step is skipping down the road instead of walking in a composed manner...

And now I shall finish with a wonderful and bubbly quote: 'Ho ho ha ha ha' - now you can go and practice.

With love, joy and laughter we conquer the world!

Monday 20 August 2012

The only thing about open windows in the summer... that the flies and wasps enter in big numbers and occupy the window areas to try and escape through the glass... It is the time to look carefully where you step as the late summer and ripe fruits get the pointy-bottomed bees and wasps on a drunken cruise in the end only to land on the floor where innocently stepping feet squash them with swelling to follow. Ouch!

But open windows also bring lots of other pleasures streaming through the openness - sounds of bumbles buzzing, laughing children and adults, birds tweeting, church bells chiming.
I have ear-access to the St. Albans Cathedral and it proclaims its existence ever so often.

Do you ever stop and listen - beyond the noises from the traffic? Just take a moment and allow your hearing to go one step further than the immediate sound pollutants - there is a space where the quiet is vibrating and leaving only the beauty of nature, of life, and its sweet music a passage through to your mind's ear and your soul's listening.

This is the space where you listen from love and embrace everything life is and is not.

In a conversation today I was reminded of the many obstacles life can bring to one family let alone two families or even the global family. It is often easier to stay with our personal troublesome dramas than to let them go, but letting them go and learning from experience is where there is room for growth and health. On the way, though, it is great to have good friends who can lift the spirits when times seem tough.

At this moment in time friendships are forming through time and space with caring thoughts for those who are challenged by life's 'noises' and those who are not. We are an amazing community of people!

Whether our friendships are created in real life or the virtual world, we are all reaching out and sharing love, healing, laughter, joy, support, smiles, care and hugs. Things we all need to get through in life in the bestest way that we can imagine - and perhaps even a little it better...

World Laughter Day 2000 in Copenhagen

Even if you cannot physically hear the songs of these wonderful sharing people, you share the world with, you can open your mind and your heart and allow for the love to settle in you. It is the only way forward and it is the true inner spirit of laughter and joy.

With love in our hearts we can conquer anything! Even the painful bee stings.

I know you already know all that has been said here, and it is being spoken about by everyone more famous that me, but I bet that when you started reading about open windows and bee stings you probably had no idea where this blog post would take you - me neither!

However, by now, perhaps you have a slight idea that the mind of the blogger (me!) works in an inquisitative and curious way that may (or may not) inspire your own mind to wander off in the distance where there are limitless horizons of ideas waiting to be explored.

Thinking curious thoughts can be a VERY good thing!

Monday 13 August 2012


- Young at heart. Slightly older in other places -
The lines are deep ridges making their way across his forehead, the laughter has made its cheerful highlights on the corners of his eyes, the worries that never turned to problems but nevertheless made their marks, the skin that creases when he grins and his blue eyes extend their smile and love to me...

The face that is perfect - just the way it is!

A bit of healthy obsession with the ones we love and care about, the people we dream of sharing our years with through aeons plus this life time.

I guess it is just my way of seeing - no one is perfect, yet everyone is perfectly perfect in exactly that moment in time and space that is now.


People are SO obsessed with youth - when did that happen? Was it when images started being air brushed and we turned to technology to wipe the blemishes away? When news became readily available at our fingertips and we discovered how we 'are supposed to look'? Digital remastering of our own photos taking years off our naturally aging beauty?

Or perhaps it has always been that way because of the general concern with being replaced - whether it is by  our partner or our workplace replacing us with cheaper workforce with fewer years of experience, or just competing for the attention of our peers... Trying to keep control of something that has its own way, time.

Maybe just a natural sociological phenomenon that exists in all species - or are we the only species that has others dictating what is attractive, brain washing us into thinking age is unattractive or whatever the standardised 'belle du jour' tells us is beautiful as the 'truth'?

Youth - the time challenge which will never grow old!

But our friends know us! and there really is no need to hide because our friends and family are there no matter what signs the years caress our bodies with.

The sentence 'if I knew what I know today when I was 20 years old...', then we could have been wise and young? Well, there is probably a good reason it was not so. One reason being that life experience comes with the years and if we know it all consciously at a young age what trouble would we then avoid getting into? Trouble,  which at the time we are 20 is great fun getting in and out of! What a waste of years of learning - that would truly be missing out on building our character, turning us into arrogant know-it-alls at 20 instead of 40.

And no matter how wise and knowing the years have made me and how many wrinkles and laughter lines it has added to my face, a balloon still pops when you poke it with a pointy object making it burst with a loud sound that still makes me jump and all my wrinkles jump with me!

Another fact of life along with growing older!

Long live the years we learn and grow, the love we feel in our hearts and souls, and the wrinkles the lessons leave on our faces!

Monday 6 August 2012

Bouncing ideas from other minds!

It seems it has become a habit of mine to include a quote from someone famous or less famous in my blog when all I wanted was to voice my own ideas and thoughts - ha! ha! ha!

However, isn't it true that many of the great ideas we get in life have often already been given life in the past whether they have been followed through or not, and sometimes these sentences resonate at some level within us, well, perhaps it is because we have an urge to take that thought to the next level - for ourselves?!

Who inspires your life?

Life is an ongoing learning process that is meant to be easy and enjoyable, yet sometimes the lessons are perceived tough and we question 'why me', 'why us', 'why...' without digging deep inside ourselves to search and find the answers.

I'm not saying the answers are there nor am I saying they are not, but it is often so easy to look outside to point our fingers at things and circumstances to be the cause of our own misery when, in fact, the challenge needs to be dealt with from inside instead of blaiming other people and thinking they should sort their stuff so we can feel better.

Am I making sense at all? Or repeating myself non-stop?

Hmm, whether I am or not I believe we all need to seek a lot of answers, which we are currently searching for outside, inside.

It may seem a bit harsh to consider because some life events may not seem to fall into the category of inner reflection and you may ask 'how would that be my fault or my decision'?

But it is not about faults or blaming anyone, it may not be the event itself, but instead the coping with it... It is about stopping our auto-pilot removing responsibility from ourselves!

In a related way it has been said beautifully by Carlos Santana
The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart. The most powerful weapon you can be is an instrument of peace.
And Dr. Madan Kataria said it equally beautiful in his words about changing ourselves before we see change in the world around us
When you laugh, you change. When you change, the whole world changes.
Today's ideas are often spawned from other philosophical ideas. It doesn't mean the outcome we individually create is not unique because it is, everything that comes from any one person is uniquely thought of by that person - even if based on other people's material - because the reasoning behind it, which brings it to life, is completely individual unless every mind is cloned from one intelligent source...???

Another me?
Now, THERE's another interesting thought!? Perhaps for another blogpost and perhaps about multiple existenses and universes with copies, multiverses where we walk in different shoes with same bodies, would there be another source of creation etc.

Mind blowing - for me, at least...

Until next week, enjoy today as if there is only today and only this world - and there really is, if you think about it!