Monday, 27 August 2012

Skipping and jumping or maybe... tripping and frumping

In case you haven't noticed, I quite enjoy writing about small and large things in life, things out of our hands and things we can action - even if the 'things out of our hands' are often just opportunities in disguise - plus lots of other thoughts that enter my cerebral cortex non-stop.

Sometimes I wonder where it all comes from but then I get all excited because it was all there from the beginning and only question that remained was when and how it would come to life and express itself in momentarily weird and absurd ways.

If this is all a lot of mumbo-jumbo then you are on the right track and we are certainly making a connection because for IS totally wacky and wonderful to have these thoughts that come out in a stream of mumbo-jumbo! So there, all said.

Welcome to my planet! We are a lot of good, fun-loving people here and life is full of possibility.

Where does it come from? All this nonsense - well, I for one, would certainly like to know so if you make the discovery do come tell - you know where to find me. On the flipside of that, though - would I really want to know? Probably not because that would be interfering with other great sources of information and could wind up in even more messy messages (note: neat wordplay).

Perhaps you, the kind reader, is shaking your head in disbelief thinking 'where on Earth is she going with this' - I would like to know that, too.

Haha, of course I know where this is going - it is all about getting our inner playful side out in the open and allow it play. Play with life in a gentle way - not in a mocking and hurtful or bullying way, but from a perspective of embacing all life with love and joy inside.

There, I've said it again - same message!

But, do you know what? It cannot be repeated often enough. Life becomes hard and problematic when we say it is hard and problematic. We can change this.

I was laughing as I was stumbling down the hill the other evening because it was rainy and the hill was slippery but I didn't fall - for once.  However, just the thought of tripping and slipping had me howling because the number of times I tripped over invisible cracks in the tiles on the hill cannot be counted on two hands. That is of course owing to the family clumsy gene that I have in abundance...

The thought, however, had me in stitches!

A thought is all it takes!

To either feel great or to feel less great, feel worried or feel full of anticipation...

The less great thoughts can impact life in a challenging way with illness and mishaps, and the great thoughts can impact life in a free-flowing way and help us cope with the illness and mishaps we attracted when having less great thoughts.

Laughter Yoga is an extra-ordinary way to develop the great thoughts indefinitely - the challenges do not disappear but it is how we cope with them that make the journey so fantastic, even when it seems bleek and miserable.

It is never too late to develop the childlike playfulness we all have somewhere inside - a small step is skipping down the road instead of walking in a composed manner...

And now I shall finish with a wonderful and bubbly quote: 'Ho ho ha ha ha' - now you can go and practice.

With love, joy and laughter we conquer the world!

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