Monday, 15 October 2012

The Hollister Experience

Inspired by one of my good laughter-friends, Sue, and her words:
How many times have you thought: "I'll go out and buy an outrageously expensive, poorly-made T-shirt, with a lot of branding on it, but I'll buy it in the dark, where I can't see what I'm buying, what colour it is, or size, or price?".

Nope, me neither.

But some people must think this way - otherwise what's the point of Hollister?
It is clear that this is a phenomenon that some people have branded in an outrageously good way! That goes for Abercrombie, too - they are the same company, aren't they...???

What are we searching for that makes it okay for organisations to rob us of our pennies in a way that leaves us questionning our sanity when we return home and open our shopping bags with a face of anticipation that quickly turns into disbelief?

Well, mine does whenever I have, with great excitement, looked into my teen-daughter's purchases - for which I have often been the purse... all in a good days work and shopping! 

I know what this particular smiley :-o means - I must have been the model for it...

Hollister - almost rhymes with demolisher, and that is what they do, demolish account balances in plus and turn them into minus.

You may be under the assumption that I don't like Hollister and the likes - in essence I just think they prey on young people's minds in an unhealthy way. But they are not the only ones to ever have done that - it happens all the time and what is there to do? Stop buying? Stop shopping? Well, not my choice for sure hahaha!

People shop for youth, health and beauty, and all of it is availably under your nose in Hollister and Abercrombie (as well as endlessly many other places). Although in my opinion it is a bit of stereotypical image of Barbie and Ken beauty that does not allow for 'normal' beautiful people to be in the crowd.  Where is the Equal Opportunities Policy for job seekers at these beauty-fixated shops?

Nevertheless, we shop for this image that the media has created and we do it with smiles on our faces to make sure the crowd knows we belong - even if the usual size 12, 14 or 16 etc feels a bit tighter than the usual size 12,14 or 16 etc...

Christianshavn - where I lived and shopped second-hand...
Pretty clothes can cover up a lot of things but the attitude is difficult to hide away.

With certain shops comes a certain attitude...that's why second-hand shops are great for me and my second-hand attitude!

Love life - love shopping!?!?

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