Monday 29 July 2013

The Big Issue

Regarding time keeping...

What is it with people and being on time?

The issue I believe is that no one wants anyone to control us and being late is one way or objecting to the conformity of rules. However, it is also a way of totally dominating the space for others and in the same way perhaps even being disrespectful towards those on time...

Well, you could argue that people should just go ahead and do what needs to be done regardless of those who are late - and... yes, we do that, too. We do start - but hesitantly.

So why this outburst of obvious dismay, you may ask (or you may not). And it really isn't like that at all - it really is just a thought.

Even with a long-standing background in sales and marketing where time was always an issue and meetings were always delayed because of later comers I still find myself being utterly surprised when people are late, the concentration of late people I have had the pleasure of working with recently exceeds any number of lates I have experienced in the past - or perhaps I have not noticed it because my mindset was less focused or just different in that area - because Laughter Yoga is afterall one of these 'soft learnings' and 'so what' if we are a bit late...

NO! NOT 'so what'!

No matter what it is we are doing - being on time is a discipline that extends into all areas of life just like being late does.

What are we trying to avoid by being late? Or is it simply poor planning? Or perhaps it was the trains? Or the weather? Or the traffic? Or the cat that ran away? Or the bridge was up? Or the milk carton that spilled? Or other circumstances that we cannot be responsible for?

Hm, again - I disagree.
There is always something to take responsibility for and in that way be accountable. Otherwise we just plod along and do the 'lalalalala' thing pretending everything is alright and making the right excuse because it was other things that were to blame.

Where is integrity?

When I look at my life and what I do - nothing is perfect and yet all is as it is supposed to be and nothing is imperfect becauase of circumstances, only because of choices I have made - even when it doesn't seem like I made the choice.

I wonder if any of this makes sense...

So, dear Blog Reader, I am not having a go at anyone, I am only reaching out to anyone, myself included, who has ever made an excuse 'because of...' and suggesting that perhaps it is time to make changes to the areas in life that need changes in order to work.

With a sense of urgency and lots of love we venture out to change ourselves in order to change the world.

Check it out! It is great fun!

My life may not be totally perfect...
...but at least my integrity is intact!

PS It is 11:45pm on Monday evening and I was ALMOST late with this blogpost - did you notice?

Monday 22 July 2013

Even rocks break...

...under the touch of gentle waves.

When we venture out to spread our wisdom of laughter and smiles, love and peace not everyone is ready for the goodness and the benefits. However, persistence and trust in the process are valuable allies on the road to change...

Some may even think it is religion or a sectarian way of thinking or similar unorthodoks ways or indoctrination. Nothing was ever further away from what it really is about but 'stubborn' is in many bones.

A smile is just a smile and a grin is just a bigger smile. Nothing threatening about that in its truest and most loving form.

Laughter Yoga teaches the practitioner compassion and love, joy and fun, play and laughter - and isn't that what everyone is striving for? Everyone with a bit of sense stored inside...

And there is so much laughter to be spread!

The world is run by grumpy old men and women who are stuck up their own behinds - people who forgot what life is all about, those who want to keep control, keep being right and prevent the natural healing from taking place. Academics who are stuck in the money mill with an outlook of old ways instead of new thinking and right-brained activity.

There is hope, however, because the bigger society of people in 'lower ranks' and larger numbers are understanding the importance of looking beyond gold and glory, and this is where we have our say, this is where we can have the all important impact and start gnawing away prejudism, arrogance and greed.

Hahaha, yeah, I don't actually preach - I just share my thoughts, although today it may seem a bit in the line of righteous talk, when it is in fact just meant as a share of wonderful pondering following an amazing week of growth through learning from laughter, love, compassion and joy.

This past week we all set ourselves free from ego!

And we did it with Laughter Yoga seeping through our bodies, minds and spirits - just because we GET what's in it for us!

Laughter Yoga is all about the benefits.
And not about Yoga poses at all!

Just remember:
The age of information is over - the future belongs to the right-brainers.

Monday 15 July 2013

Is good enough good enough?

More than good enough!
In the recent years it has become clearer and clearer what I have known a lifetime (and perhaps a bit longer); never settle for anything less that the best of the best!

That is, of course, according to my own measures and not someone else's idea of what is best for me.

So many times I have found myself in situations where, in hindsight, someone else thought it was a great idea.

It is so easy to get ensnared into believing all the good intentions and meanings people have when it comes to your own 'best' but is it? Is it really the best for you or just a dream that someone else has on your behalf? Sometimes even a lost dream with 'too late for me' attached to it...

So, is 'good enough' good enough, then? And is 'not too bad' in fact a way of feeling?

I come from the world of the Law or Jante which states that you should never believe that you are any better than anyone else, and in all fairness I think this way of being is seeping through the communities in this country, too. Just because the Law of Jante was defined in Denmark doesn't mean it is not well and thriving in other countries!

But! having said that, I also believe that there is so much opportunity to rise above this lack of trust, self-belief, hope and will.

Lots of people grow up knowing that it is not okay to be OTT and when we put it like that it almost sounds like a condition such as OCD or ADHD or something to that extent, when actually it is just about being excited about the possibilities that are presenting themselves throughout life.

I am possibly slightly bonkers and a wee bit Over The Top and I love it - and, yeah, I do have moments of probably Under The Top, too, but they are rare and I can get myself out of that mode by thinking about the amazingness of life, love, laughing and living.

There is nothing fake about lifting yourself!

However, just because people have 'made it' doesn't mean they should be all arrogant about it and frown upon people who are still 'suffering' through what seems to be endless set-backs, and knock-downs. This is where kindness and compassion start ruling the steps beyond 'good enough' and it takes a turn to 'excellent' and 'brilliant' because of the way we can touch other people's lives and help create 'extra-ordinary' outside the self from a place of being initially 'okay'.

What is good enough for you? And is good enough good enough for you?

What is good enough for some may in fact be exceptionally amazing to others and so on and so forth - so essentially, breathe in good enough and make your exhalation beyond belief!

Perhaps now is the best time to make it second to none!

Monday 8 July 2013

Coasting in the Middle Lane...

The usual scenery on the motorway with a few cars in the middle lane who are plodding along...

Well, it is a safe space.

The space where you won't get trapped between slower moving lorries like when you are in the slow lane and want to overtake, and you won't get flashed by the faster cars when moving too slow in the fast lane. It's the space where those who are on a slightly faster speed, although not fast enough for the fast lane, get their irritation fuelled and may arrive home in a stressed-out space because traffic just didn't move as it was supposed to...

Think about it for a moment.

  • Ideas happen in the slow lane. 
  • Adrenaline rushes happen in the fast lane. 
  • Nothing but average happens in the middle lane.

How does that compare?
Are you coasting in the middle lane?

Just a quick story without the saucy details, in 1998 my journey from 'one-day-visions' to 'extra-ordinary-presence' started and it is a long story that took me through a few jobs, a divorce, a country-move, financial ruin, and it brought me to a place of blissful realisation that I have all I ever need - with lots of it from within and from the resourceful self...

From that place my life and my business started flourishing!

When you aim for extra-ordinary in your own life you see it all around you. When you don't expect extra-ordinary, it still surrounds you but it may be invisible and unachievable because it is one of these things that is just out of reach...

The Biker Club that raises money for Multiple Sclerosis in the UK
Wake up! Nothing is ever out of reach - only the mind creates stories of unworthiness and lack.

There is nothing mediocre about life - it is yours to experience on this plane of existence and you are more than worthy of every success and every moment you create.

Time is now - to stop coasting in the middle lane of life!

Monday 1 July 2013

Adults don't play

...the pshycotherapists said to the client...

Aha, I said when I heard the story.

Adults DO play and they should - but far too few adults play that is certainly true.

No offense to doctors or phychotherapists but it may be a good time now to choose alternative methods of curing people instead of covering up symptoms, only to bring back the patients for more potentially harmful medication.

It can take a long time to realise exactly what it is that is missing from life if many years have passed without a playful, funloving attitude.

Just ask me - for many years it was all about money and career achievements and razor blades on the elbows (or is that a Danish expression?).  When does that moment occur when you stop and look at your life, your dreams and what is left of all you ever hoped for?


It does not always happen and when it does, it may feel like it is much too late to do something about the dreams long forgotten. But it is NEVER too late!

Sadness is that our modern day society supports achievers that lack playful insightful wisdom and fun at work, when if fact these measure support creativity, motivation and focus at work and outside work.

Don't jump to conclusions just because your colleague is frowning, don't believe that seriousness is the only way forward... Make your own decision - it could be an important one.

It is all about acting on impulse and letting the intuition take over for a moment in time that is essential for growth and change - that moment when you have an idea!

Don't hesitate, act on anything that feels fun, uncomfortable and ground-breaking - you are on the track to amazing and moving life events.

Am I repeating myself? Perhaps but on the flipside of repetition is an extremely urgent message of faith and action blended in a mirthful cocktail.

Take back your playfulness and regain your spirits aim, an aim to enjoy this life time and live it fully!