Saturday 25 August 2007

Blog Delays...

Back after summer holidays realising a blog may not have been the best of ideas - or is it?

This summer has brought a lot of fantastic news and among it - eight new Laughter Yoga Leaders in the UK and Greece.

To step into the Dr. Katria Laughter Yoga footsteps is still pretty groundbreaking - even after 12 years of working the magic around the world.

In the UK it is still a strange way of expressing yourself in a far-too-much-kinda way. So - what makes us Brits so different from the rest of the world?

Well, being a non-Brit in the UK I think our inhibitions as "islanders", and as such being separate from the rest of the world, is SO ingrown that anybody who is slightly OTT or behaving in a different manner from the well-polished British way, is deemed to be somewhat peculiar and people tend to put on an overbearing attitude or simply look the other way.

But - does that mean British people don't laugh? No way! Brits have a great sense of humour but not everyone is born with it and not everyone laughs at the same joke...

So, why not learn to laugh without it? Without having a reason to laugh? This is where it starts being a bit strange to many, because most of us are brought up believing for a fact that we have to have a reason to laugh!

Hey - we do it anyway!

Congratulation to the seven British people who trained to become Laughter Yoga Leaders this summer and who are now changing the face of Britain!

And - just for the record - I love the UK and the people of the UK of which I am one!