Monday, 6 August 2012

Bouncing ideas from other minds!

It seems it has become a habit of mine to include a quote from someone famous or less famous in my blog when all I wanted was to voice my own ideas and thoughts - ha! ha! ha!

However, isn't it true that many of the great ideas we get in life have often already been given life in the past whether they have been followed through or not, and sometimes these sentences resonate at some level within us, well, perhaps it is because we have an urge to take that thought to the next level - for ourselves?!

Who inspires your life?

Life is an ongoing learning process that is meant to be easy and enjoyable, yet sometimes the lessons are perceived tough and we question 'why me', 'why us', 'why...' without digging deep inside ourselves to search and find the answers.

I'm not saying the answers are there nor am I saying they are not, but it is often so easy to look outside to point our fingers at things and circumstances to be the cause of our own misery when, in fact, the challenge needs to be dealt with from inside instead of blaiming other people and thinking they should sort their stuff so we can feel better.

Am I making sense at all? Or repeating myself non-stop?

Hmm, whether I am or not I believe we all need to seek a lot of answers, which we are currently searching for outside, inside.

It may seem a bit harsh to consider because some life events may not seem to fall into the category of inner reflection and you may ask 'how would that be my fault or my decision'?

But it is not about faults or blaming anyone, it may not be the event itself, but instead the coping with it... It is about stopping our auto-pilot removing responsibility from ourselves!

In a related way it has been said beautifully by Carlos Santana
The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart. The most powerful weapon you can be is an instrument of peace.
And Dr. Madan Kataria said it equally beautiful in his words about changing ourselves before we see change in the world around us
When you laugh, you change. When you change, the whole world changes.
Today's ideas are often spawned from other philosophical ideas. It doesn't mean the outcome we individually create is not unique because it is, everything that comes from any one person is uniquely thought of by that person - even if based on other people's material - because the reasoning behind it, which brings it to life, is completely individual unless every mind is cloned from one intelligent source...???

Another me?
Now, THERE's another interesting thought!? Perhaps for another blogpost and perhaps about multiple existenses and universes with copies, multiverses where we walk in different shoes with same bodies, would there be another source of creation etc.

Mind blowing - for me, at least...

Until next week, enjoy today as if there is only today and only this world - and there really is, if you think about it!


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