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In December News we share the following…

  1. All the light from Yours Truly
  2. Laughter Yoga Leader - a new you for a new year
  3. Remember resilience and mental health workshop in January
  4. Business Experts and Gibberish Coach
  5. Beat the blues with Laughter Yoga - online programme
  6. Please follow us on Social Media
  7. The Laughter Club in St. Albans on Zoom and Telephone Laughter Club
  8. Laughter Yoga Training - anti-procratination
  9. Important training and laughter club info is listed at the end!

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All the light from Your Truly

Where did it come from?

So suddenly it has arrived. 

December is here, the final month of the year and I have had many conversations with people all agreeing that this year has whizzed by in a very speedy fraction of a moment in time.

It even arrived a week ago, and as you may have guessed, my news is late!

Days are short and crisp, frosty at night and bright at day, sometimes none of that but simply wet and rainy. 

The fact is that this time of year is one of celebration and also of dread for many.

And the lights are on!

Even better, this month the nights will once again become shorter and the days become longer, lighter and brighter.

When we fall short of daylight, sunshine, brighness and natural light we can feel less bright ourselves. For some it is more than the wish, it is a need for something more and it may be affecting more than just feeling a bit low or 'off' at times.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), also known as 'Winter depression' affects 1 in 3 people in the UK.

Studies show that people living with SAD, have reduced levels of serotonin, the brain chemical which helps regulate mood.

The fantastic news is that laughter improves the levels of serotonin so with a practice of Laughter Yoga you can more easily keep on to of the effects winter may have on you.

One in three people is a lot of people feeling a drastic drop in mood and we can do something about it!

You may have heard that we need to laugh for 10-15 minutes when we laugh, so we can really get into it and reap all the supreme benefits.

However, what may stop you from practicing every day may indeed be lack of time when in fact every day is so full of busy.

I often suggest getting up earlier but for some that is not an option and in the dark months it can be an even greater challenge.

So here is the suggestion, even if you begin your day with a laugh for 1 minute for a starter, perhaps increase to 2 minutes, then 3 minutes, even if you only laugh for 5 minutes in the morning, you kick off an important part of your strategic resilience toolkit which helps you induce the change in biochemistry that is so needed during dark days.

No doubt 10-15 minutes will give you the extras but in all honesty, the key is to start where you can commit to keep going.

Remember, though, to also keep the practice going through the days when you feel more able to conjour up your energy as this will create the resourcefulness for moving forward.

Just because it works does not mean you stop the daily goodness of laughter.

Laugher brings light and light brings joy, joy brings connectedness and connectedness brings a sense of fulfilment and love.

When will you start laughing and change the complaints into a thrill of joy?

Love, Friendship, Honesty, Kindness, Health, Hope, Goodness, Grace, Gratitude, Understanding, Faith, Peace, Forgiveness, Patience, Diligence, Love, Blessings and Joy from me to you!

Lotte Mikkelsen
Laughter Yoga Specialist and Master Trainer


Laughter Yoga Leader - a new you for a new year

With a new year approaching you may be looking for ways you can positively impact the time ahead.

Laughter Yoga Leader Training takes two days and is a life changing experience that leaves you with friendships, laughter, positive outlook, and a potential new business. 

In just two days you have the opportunity to learn a method that can alter your perspective and shift your mindset into a can-do, non-judgmental version - if that is what you wish for.

The next 2-day Laughter Yoga Leader Training runs in Neal's Yard in London on 2-3 March 2024 but before London there is an opportunity at Alington House in Durham on 17-18 February 2024.

Once you have completed your 2-day training you may even want more and that is where the 5-day Laughter Yoga Teacher Training is ready for you - only when you are ready...

The next 5-day non-residential training in London on 8-12 July 2024 from 9:30-17:30 (Friday finish at 16:00), and the next hybrid training in February-March 2024.

The courses are ready to book in the shop.

The hybrid training runs over 6 online sessions plue 2 days in person on the following times and dates, and there are more options:

  • Online Sundays from 10-12:30 in February-March 2024
  • In person Weekend from 9-17 on 28-29/10 2023

Online we will cover

  • Recap of Laughter Yoga Leader Training
  • Laughter yoga for Seniors
  • Laughter Yoga for School children 
  • Laughter Yoga in Business 
  • Laughter Yoga in Hospitals and Health care
  • Laughter Yoga for Special Need
  • What are the different training programmes you can offer 
  • Teaching Laughter Yoga Leaders
  • Promotion Marketing PR  and presentation skills
  • Inner Spirit of Laughter 

In person we will be covering

  • Breathing exercises
  • Creating new exercises
  • Talent Show
  • Gibberish workshop
  • Vision board
  • Learning to facilitate Yoga Nidra
  • Laughter Yoga Bollywood Dance
  • Games

Booking on at early bird £595 / full fee £795 or other dates for Laughter Yoga Teacher Training

For more information about training and workshops please contact me on


Remember - Resilience Workshop in January

Sue Haswell and Lotte Mikkelsen is taking you through an Introduction to Resilience and Mental Health Workshop.

Learn how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental health episodes and conditions without fixing.

We will discuss methods you can use for building your own resilience and keep your mental health healthy so you can also help others.

Everyone has mental health but do we know how to spot changes in others and ourselves so we can seek the help needed?

Mental health is on everyone's agenda yet it is still too often pushed aside for 'more urgent business matters'.

This is an opportunity to find out how you can support people in your classes, training, and workshops.

Both Sue and Lotte are Mental Health First Aid Trainers.

Book your place on


Business Experts and Gibberish Coach

You may think 'what does business experts and gibberish do in the same sentence?' or you may not have any thoughts about it at all.

Perhaps the two programmes have nothing to do with each other or perhaps in fact they have a lot.

When we promote ourselves, clear communication is essential and Gibberish may not be the most understandable in terms of the lingo. 

However, when we practice Gibberish we connect with the creative and innovative part of ourselves that may lead to ideas and changes to how we see ourselves, how we feel about ourselves and how we project this into the field of laughter yoga needs.

The Business Experts Programme is based on real-life experience and not just theory learned from reading books.

Read more about the Business Expert Programme on

Amnd read more about the Gibberish Coach Training on

The programmes can be booked via the links or the shop.


Please follow us on Social Media

I hope you will follow and like us on these platforms and help us grow awareness of Laughter Yoga, joy and kindful living.

Please also feel free to register for our newsletter on if you are not yet receiving it to your inbox - and share with your network. Thank you.


Beat the Blues with Laughter Yoga

From the comfort of your home you can dive into the method, the benefits, the ins and outs of Laughter Yoga. The programme takes you through the following sessions,

  1. Introduction session, standard intro with background, why it is a good idea to practice and brief on benefits, and laughter exercises
  2. Neurobiology of stress and Laughter Yoga for stress reduction
  3. Activating the parasympathetic nervous system with laughter
  4. The Laughter Yoga philosophy of motion creates emotion
  5. Laughing when you are not in the mood, trigger the joy cocktail
  6. Depression: causes, symptoms, neurobiology
  7. Anxiety and Laughter
  8. Cancer and Laughter
  9. Detoxing with Laughter Yoga
  10. Laughter and neurological disorders

Conquer Stress with Laughter Yoga is available via, where you can register for season 1 or 2 or both.

More seasons will go in depth with the psychology of laughter, polyvagal theory, neuroplasticity, lymphatic drainage and much more. Stay tuned.

If you would like to speak about Laughter Yoga and Laughter Therapy programmes or on your Podcast, news channel, entertainment programme, or for an article or other media ideas, please contact me on

The Laughter Club in St Albans on Zoom

We are up to something with laughter and sharing the benefits, and we hope that you enjoy these monthly Laughter Yoga workouts.

The Laughter Club in St Albans is still sharing laughter on Zoom on 1st Sunday every month (except August) at 1pm-1:30pm!

Please register online on

A Laughter Club is just like a fitness session and we encourage you to pay as you can to Thank you for your kindness.

Please get in touch about the laughter clubs and other options via email,, mobile/WhatsApp 07736 341 717.

In addition The Telephone Laughter Club runs Monday to Friday at 7:00 to 7:10 on

  • Dial: 0333 011 2319
  • Room number: 33928453 #
  • PIN: 8494 #

Please also contact me about The Telephone Laughter Club where we laugh weekday mornings from 7:00 to 7:10 if you have any questions about this service,


The Important Laughter Petition

The petition for raising the bar for alternative therapies including laughter therapy is gaining momentum - slowly.

Please support and share!

More information will soon be available on the petition website.


Laughter Training - anti-procrastination!

The 2-day Laughter Yoga Leader Training runs in London 5 times a year with Lotte and Mel. We bring you an exceptional journey into the depth of laughter and fun, as well as exploring aspects of yourself and your plans for bringing laughter to others.

Teaching Laughter Yoga Leader Training started for me in 2007 in St. Albans (London in 2010), and since then I brought the training to Durham and online in 2009, to London in 2010, to Blackpool/Preston in 2015 and wherever your team takes me.

Now is the best time to book your spot on one of the 2024 courses - soon 2025 dates will become available as we are entering 2024 in just a few months!

Once you are a Laughter Yoga Leader your exploration has only just started and it opens the world of Laughter Yoga to you, and also becoming a Laughter Yoga Teacher.

And you make friends with other friendly people.

To learn more about our training programmes, options and requirements, please contact via email


The Accredited Laughter Yoga Training

More information about the different programmes is available on

UnitedMind is registered with our insurance company as a Training Provider which means that our certificates grant you insurance.

When you choose your training provider please make sure you check their credentials as online training methods and courses are not always covered by insurers.

FHT Accredited courses uniquely from UnitedMind Laughter Yoga and our Accredited Laughter Yoga Teachers are

With accreditation we are taking Laughter Yoga seriously and we are bringing the standards to another level of nationwide approval within the education system. The UnitedMind accreditation is the only UK accreditation for Laughter Yoga Training.

Our courses are continued professional development and gives you points to add to your CPD list!

To learn more about how you can become a Laughter Yoga Leader or Teacher please contact Lotte on mobile/WhatsApp +44 (0) 7736341717 or email

UnitedMind teaches Laughter Yoga courses in the following locations:

  • Accredited Laughter Yoga Leader Training
    This training is a requirement for becoming a Laughter Yoga Teacher
    • London, Online, Preston, Durham, St Albans
    • Your venue, your group – minimum 4 people
  • Accredited Laughter Yoga Teacher Training
    This training is a requirement for becoming a Laughter Yoga Coach
    • London
    • Your venue, your group – minimum 4 people
  • Accredited Laughter Therapist Training
    • London
  • Accredited Laughter Coach and Certified Gibberish Coach Training
    • Online
    • Your venue, your group – minimum 4 people

Your Self Study

A way to learn at your own leisure, at times to suit. If you are able to come to the in-person training at a later time, the 2-day training is included in the fee of £225.

It is exciting to launch a new way of learning Laughter Yoga online as an almost-self-study, where you will be able to learn at your own pace and finish by presenting a Laughter Yoga session as you will have learned through the lessons, at a face-to-face Zoom session.


Accredited Laughter Yoga Leader

The 2-day Laughter Yoga Leader Training runs on the following dates and venues (full details are listed on provided by UnitedMind in the UK since 2007:

12-hour Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training Online – click to choose your dates:

Accredited Laughter Yoga Teacher

The 5-day Laughter Yoga Teacher Training and Hybrid Laughter Yoga Teacher Training runs on the following dates and venues (full details are listed on provided by UnitedMind in the UK since 2012:

Fees for residential training are including accommodation from Monday to Friday.

Feel free to enquire about special offers at any time,

Accredited Laughter Yoga Coach

The 1-day Laughter Yoga Coach Training for Laughter Yoga Teachers runs online on the following dates (full details are listed on

Add-On to Laughter Yoga Teacher Certification

Or you can book your 8-week One On One Laughter Coaching Programme and get closer to your real laughter through the practice of Laughter Yoga exercises.

Accredited Laughter Therapist

The 2-day Laughter Therapist Training is only the beginning of the 6-12 months programme (full details on

Accredited Gibberish Coach

The 1-day Gibberish Coach Training for Laughter Yoga Leaders and Teachers runs on the following dates (full details are listed on

All fees listed in the newsletter are early bird fees available until one month before training dates and excluding travel and accommodation costs unless otherwise stated. Other deals may be available as well as special agreements with companies and organisations who wish to train teams and individuals in their workplace.

If you want to be sure to get a place on the course of your choice please book now in the UnitedMind Online Shop.

For more information about accredited training courses please contact us via, phone 0800 1214 714, or mobile/WhatsApp +447736341717.

Full details of all workshops and training programmes, and how to register, are listed on UnitedMind’s website.

Friday 7 September 2018

Scamming, spamming, slamming, jamming...

When the internet opened its gates to the general public many years ago now the doors to people with less good intentions also opened up.

Luckily there are many more good intentions out there than those who are looking to defy and defeat good people.

Over the past few months it has been brought to my attention on a couple of occasions that there are emails circulating which may or may not contain the name of businesses that I am related to or responsible for in terms of the Laughter Yoga World.

My first REAL hack of, was in 2007 – a real hack where my website was temporarily taken over by another page. 

Second time was not a real hack but more an email issue that should probably have been picked up by my hosting company but they didn’t. 

I had an auto-responder set for when I was away and for some reason a spam or spoofing email kept replying back to me when I sent my ‘Out of Office’ it would reply and I would respond again with my ‘Out of Office’ and so the loop continued until I had used up my traffic max and my website became unavailable. 

There were 77K or more emails in my inbox and I could not access it because my data limit had been exceeded. Got it sorted with my hosting after lenthy discussions but I was offline for a few hours which is not good for any type of business.

These are just examples of how things can go horribly wrong and fortunately in my case it was just for a very short period of time as I am in the position where I can work it out myself.


Getting back to the recent cyber crimes which they essentially are. These are emails suggesting that my businesses are either working with an SEO company or the latest one that Laughter Association UK has a mailing list of 700+ contacts that can be purchased at $195 or similar.

Let me reassure you that there are NO LISTS available for sale from Laughter Association UK nor from UnitedMind Ltd, The Laughter Company (TLC) Ltd or any other business with which I association myself, and there never have been.

All offences or presumed offences have been reported to the National Fraud & Cyber Crime Reporting Centre.

I am a publicly findable person on the internet but I take personal and professional privacy very seriously. UnitedMind Ltd, The Laughter Company (TLC) Ltd and Laughter Association UK have very strict privacy policies which are in line with the GDPR and any data protection acts applicable.

Please be aware that there are spammers, scammers, phishers, spoofers, fraudsters and all sorts out there who will email you even when you think you are safe from spam, the GDPR does not guarantee this at all. 

A TIP! If your name is not in the To-field AND you have not requested the information AND you don’t know the person AND there is no personal greeting and lots of other signs, don’t even bother but bin it straight away.

Please let me know if you have any questions -

I am quite visible on the internet and happy to be found because sharing Laughter Yoga is important to me and if no one was able to find me or the people I work with then it kind of defeats the whole idea of what we aim to do to, share world peace through laughter.

Always with the best of intentions, a big heart, and lots of love and laughter.

Stay safe - in life and online!

Lotte Mikkelsen
Laughter Yoga Master Trainer