Monday, 8 October 2012

Sex for the greater good...


Sex, eh?

Although I am all in favour of speaking in own quotes and made up 'thinking strings' (even with the occasional quote from other people) I will start with a mention I read a little while ago just because it fits nicely in with today.

A great sportsman said something to the extent of 'exercising is like having sex, you should enjoy it as much before doing it, while doing it and after doing it'.

Those who say sex is not all that have either never had the 'right and great' sex or really just say if because it is part of the conditioning we have added to our belief system that we should not place too much importance of physicality, or perhaps they just say it.

Years ago when I ran Laughter Medicine in ISIS Crystals' rooms in St. Albans one of the participants commented at the end of the workshop, when sharing the experience, that it was 'just like having great sex' - the exhilaration and relaxation that followed was a superb measure.

There is a lot of truth in that comment because in all exercising whether it involves sex, weight lifting, laughing or other activities - we release endorphins, the body's selfmade morphin and happy chemical altogether. Woohoo! What's not to like???!!!

And guess what! This is not about sex - this is about exercise - similar release of chemicals although some would prefer one to the other. However, if you are not in a position to exercise then there are other alternatives.

Although you do not get the same muscle toning effect as when you lift weights, Laughter Yoga is a really, really good alternative to ... erm ... exercising - cardiovascular exercising. Furthermore, our abdomen muscles really do tone up and strengthen when we get the deep belly laugh going. Very good for our core muscles which support our posture!

Laughter increases the heart rate and the blood flows faster and with fresh oxygen it is a healthier circulation that now rushes around the body. If you cannot laugh naturally then start off with Laughter Yoga and the playful fun it involves.

Any of these activities produce a sense of wellbeing and it is not just the sense it really does happen to the body and mind, we become calm and peacefully resting in the self.

As for sex and laughter - both create an instant intimacy that initiates a bond between two people in a beautiful and magical way! That is, of course, in my opinion, and between the right people...

 So, to switch on the Happy Factory:
  • If you cannot laugh and cannot have sex - then exercise lots!
  • If you cannot have sex and cannot exercise - then laugh lots!
  • If you cannot exercise and cannot laugh - then have lots of sex!
  • If you cannot do any, then eat lots of chocolate!
  • And finally, if you don't like chocolate then...
    fake it, fake it, until you make it!
And remember, live well, laugh often, love much!

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