Monday 29 April 2013

Short and Sweet on Steam Drawings!

Hahahaha I could not stop laughing!

After a perfect weekend ending with a soaked walk on the beach we sat in the car chatting and chuckling like two teenagers.

Our wet coats were hanging over the head of the seats and dampness seemed unavoidable, and as we were deep in conversation and discussions on life the car steamed up. It was not easy to look through the windows and then...

He started drawing in the steam...

It was just the funniest thing and I couldn't stop laughing! Sitting in the car, the inappropriateness of the images, our laughs - it all reminded me of being a child and giggling away at all these rude things that we were not supposed to know about, let alone draw pictures of... It even reminded me of driving with my dad when we were kids and sat in the back. We would draw and write on the windows and he did not like it because as he said, the drawings would still be there next time the windows would steam up... This thought made me howl and the car seemed full of bubbles!

And the thought got me in stitches on The Telephone Laugther Line at 7am Monday morning.

We may not all have the same sense of humour but as long as we open our minds to laughter magic is bound to happen.

All I'm saying is keep your childlike spirit high, play with your imagination, and take no offence. Be open and fun-loving, and life will flow. If you are a manager you don't have to be serious to gain respect and achieve, if you are a parent you don't have to be serious to gain respect, if you are anyone who grew up...well, you don't have to be serious to and gain respect and more importantly to LIVE YOUR LIFE!

I'll miss these little moments until next...but the thought of it will keep my laughs tickled and I am a creator of precious instances every day!

Imagine... Love life - love laughter - love you!

Monday 22 April 2013

Flab, circles and greys

Does it really matter if we grow a bit older every day?

It is in essence just the turning of the wheel of time and no one can stay young forever in this day and age - no matter how many cuts and injections, pulls and implants.

With television, news papers, magazines, Internet, radio - media in general - promoting health and beauty, sometimes caught in their effort to create unreal PhotoShop'ed images, we need to wake up to real life!

I suppose today's post is about love, life and laughter - AND Laughter Yoga!

No one is flawless in their natural appearance but that in itself makes perfect and beautiful, and when looking beyond the exterior there is most often a beautiful spirit who just is in its natural state.

That is of course in my opinion and you may have a different idea of your own perfection. However, for me and those of us who are perfect in our own imperfections there is great news because we can learn to face what we don't like and let it go!

As people we need to face all that is not 'as should be' or 'as we want' and let it rest or do something about it. Firststep is always acceptance as it is now and then decide on a plan of action if it really is intolerable. My garden, for example, is a mess and I can do something about it or just be with it as it is right now, enjoying the loveliness of all the growth and then set aside the time and effort... Or not? The thing is, if something is bugging - it will continue bugging until either resolved or let go of.

I will only say this once:

If you haven't done the Laughter Yoga Leader Training or moreso the Laughter Yoga Teacher Training - DO IT! It brings you on a path of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and truly wonderful things start happening when your self-image and life perspective change and align itself fully with you. It doesn't happen overnight but it is a beginning and a work in progress - it will never stop and always be a great and beautiful adventure. Loving life with bumps, bruises, grazes and cuts!

So this weekend I have started loving my orange peel a bit more, because in the eyes of true love - it does not matter.

And I can still do something about it anyway - if I wasn't so blooming lazy (excuse the language). Now there's a revelation hahaha - how many of us are just too lazy? But won't admit it!

The beauty exists in the lines of experience!

Yours truly, unconditionally in love with the perfection in imperfection.

Monday 15 April 2013

10,000 - a poem

My Poetry Book anno 1977
Today I would like to reflect on poetry which comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes and thought.

I used to write tons of poems and as a teenager I even got an A+ in a written Danish exam once - for writing an innovative and provokative poem.

Most of my poems were broken heart lines from the soul of unreturned love - as they would be at that age...

Sometimes we forget how brilliant our creative minds worked when we were young people, this goes for writing as well as other forms of artwork.

Some keep at it and others, like myself, leave it in the past and may pick it up again when new people come into the family - having children is a great source of inspiration and laughter, by the way.


LAUGHTER is a natural creativity booster and it is amazing how the mind and spirit engages with this fountain of colours, shapes, words, music, dance and so on - a wealth of wisdom that blossoms from a space that is uptapped territory for many people. Simply because we forgot!

I teach laughter and I love it! Not only does it remind other people of their true nature but it also reminds me of what is truly available to us all.

Nick is a true creative hero of mine - he trained with me at the Laughter Yoga Teacher Training in November 2012 and Genie mac! that was fun!

He was also a great source of questions and seemed to be on a mission to seek knowledge that wasn't even part of the training - warm thoughts go to Nick who is an ace Laughter Representative on the verge of a big launch and that is a completely different story.

So here it is... Poetry at its creative centre. A poem.

Nick took shelter, with his papers, behind the little desk on the stage and started with a serious face, introducing his unique talent on Talent Night, and proclaimed something to the extent of:

'10,000 - a poem by Nicholas Bishop'

Then the recital started and I was in stitches as was everyone else (until we got to around 50 - then Nick was lovingly booed off stage, bless him).

Spot the Nick!
1 (pause)
2 (pause)
3 (pause)
4 (pause)
5 (pause)
6 (pause)
7 (pause)
8 (pause)

...cut by Lotte Mikkelsen...

So, is that talent? It TOTALLY is - by simply coming up with the idea and in grave seriousness continuing until about 55-60. I know Nick would have continued to 10,000 - without a doubt!

What is this all about then? Poetry? Yes and no.
It is about tapping into a space in the mind where ideas flourish and let go of being caught up in what is possible, appropriate and do-able. All these preventative thoughts are only part of our learned behaviour and it is time we unlearn and start living our lives as WE would like to live instead of how other people think we are supposed to live.

The Laughter Yoga Teacher Training is just one of the many places where realisation strikes and we get closer to our essence - and the really great thing about this particular way of learning is that it is totally free from religion, politics, and does not deplete the Earth of its natural resources but only make it stronger with the sustainable energy of laughter!

Ho ho ha ha ha have a wonderfully mind-opening week.

Monday 8 April 2013

Why as in Y!

As I was watching the snow whirling outside my window this week I sat thinking... Why on Earth is it so cold when it is supposed
to be nice and not so cold?! Everyone is yearning for the warmth and the nourishing sun.

I bet there are lots of people thinking the same thing.

But do people also know about words beginning with 'why'? Or is it simply for questionning?

For example a yabba is a Jamaican wooden vessel but to yabber means to be chatting. I'd be yawning my head of if it wasn't the fact that I started looking at why-words and think it's quite good fun and, yeah, rather yeuk'ing my curiousity.

All this yada yada is in no way a reflection of not having anything else to yowl about but merely a yip of excitement that there are extensive lists of words beginning with 'why'! Exept, of course, it is the letter Y.

Even if it sounds like why why why - and we can keep asking why.

Most of the verbs beginning with why, e.g. yaup, yack, yowl, yip, yell, yap are mainly about loud sounds or throwing up... I wonder if the question why is more than just related to these y-words as oftentimes WHY is being shouted out with a capital Y. 

Or maybe the noisy words with Y were placed at the end of the alphabet to avoid extensive use because, in honesty, who truly wants to listen to yelling, yowling, yapping and yabbering too much?

However, the initial question is no longer valid as the sun has graced my lawn and Laughter Club with oceans of glorious light and sprouting warmth.

Isn't it great, though, to know that there are other words than the once we use in our daily standard politeness.

So, how are you today?

Tremendously yippee-ki-yay, I hope! 

Monday 1 April 2013

Easter Celebration

Easter Celebration, Easter Celebration, Easter Celebration...

Do we celebrate or mourn? Or is it a bit of both? I suppose the days leading up to Easter are the days of mourning and Easter is the celebration.

Well, I can tell you this much; my Easter was a true celebration! Of love and life, laughter and lighter perspective, fun and feasting! This Easter carries a lot of mileage - yes, I can live a long time on the memory alone but the future undoubtedly holds more than memories.

It is cold and frosty but it is Spring and I can feel it in every little cell in my body.

The Danish Easter is traditionally celebrated with lots of food lined out in wonderful buffets of open sandwich indulgence, beer and snaps in great company of friends and family. But this year I did not spend my Easter in Denmark - instead I went to the North-East of England and spent two magical days in the most amazing company.

Exactly what Easter is really about - sharing life and great love that leads us to a state of mind that is pure and full of unconditional-ness.

When we are at peace and in love with life then we can be with whatever is out of line compared to this frame of mind from a perspective where, although wrongs don't just become rights, we can cope from an eternal space where now is now and everything that happens here is in the moment which means we free ourselves from opinions of good or bad.

So what! if we have had experiences that were not in our favour and their memory may not be aligned with any peaceful thought, all is in the past and it is time to let it go and be in the present. This is where life is revealing itself.

...or pink magnolias...
I know I repeat myself when I mention living in the now but it really is where we create pink clouds to float on in those magical moments happening when we allow ourselves the freedom to be.

I rest my case - this post was meant to be about Easter and chocolate but I guess it just became one of those about life indulgence - perhaps same category...

Unconditional love in a shared, precious moment where time truly stands still! Just grab it.

And then there was a bit of chocolate...