Monday, 20 August 2012

The only thing about open windows in the summer... that the flies and wasps enter in big numbers and occupy the window areas to try and escape through the glass... It is the time to look carefully where you step as the late summer and ripe fruits get the pointy-bottomed bees and wasps on a drunken cruise in the end only to land on the floor where innocently stepping feet squash them with swelling to follow. Ouch!

But open windows also bring lots of other pleasures streaming through the openness - sounds of bumbles buzzing, laughing children and adults, birds tweeting, church bells chiming.
I have ear-access to the St. Albans Cathedral and it proclaims its existence ever so often.

Do you ever stop and listen - beyond the noises from the traffic? Just take a moment and allow your hearing to go one step further than the immediate sound pollutants - there is a space where the quiet is vibrating and leaving only the beauty of nature, of life, and its sweet music a passage through to your mind's ear and your soul's listening.

This is the space where you listen from love and embrace everything life is and is not.

In a conversation today I was reminded of the many obstacles life can bring to one family let alone two families or even the global family. It is often easier to stay with our personal troublesome dramas than to let them go, but letting them go and learning from experience is where there is room for growth and health. On the way, though, it is great to have good friends who can lift the spirits when times seem tough.

At this moment in time friendships are forming through time and space with caring thoughts for those who are challenged by life's 'noises' and those who are not. We are an amazing community of people!

Whether our friendships are created in real life or the virtual world, we are all reaching out and sharing love, healing, laughter, joy, support, smiles, care and hugs. Things we all need to get through in life in the bestest way that we can imagine - and perhaps even a little it better...

World Laughter Day 2000 in Copenhagen

Even if you cannot physically hear the songs of these wonderful sharing people, you share the world with, you can open your mind and your heart and allow for the love to settle in you. It is the only way forward and it is the true inner spirit of laughter and joy.

With love in our hearts we can conquer anything! Even the painful bee stings.

I know you already know all that has been said here, and it is being spoken about by everyone more famous that me, but I bet that when you started reading about open windows and bee stings you probably had no idea where this blog post would take you - me neither!

However, by now, perhaps you have a slight idea that the mind of the blogger (me!) works in an inquisitative and curious way that may (or may not) inspire your own mind to wander off in the distance where there are limitless horizons of ideas waiting to be explored.

Thinking curious thoughts can be a VERY good thing!

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