Monday, 29 October 2012

OutSTANding or OUTstanding??

Depends whether you emphasise first syllable whether something is unresolved or being extraordinary on the second syllable...

1. superior; excellent; distinguished
2. prominent, remarkable, or striking
3. still in existence; unsettled, unpaid, or unresolved

The same with anything you focus on in life - it is brought into focus, attention and life! And anything that feels as if it is incomplete will inadvertently be OUTstanding...

Today is a little different because there is no focus on what is OUTstanding, instead I want to give a mention to the outSTANding people I meet and work with every day. One of the reasons I feel so very blessed and grateful when I wake up and when I go to sleep.

My work teaches individuals and teams to laugh for no reason. My friend and colleague, Julie, put it very eloquently the other day on the first day of our October 2012 training when she said 'you arrive as strangers and you leave as friends'. One of the key benefits of Laughter Yoga, the social aspect.

There is nothing religious or political, sectarian or spooky about Laughter Yoga - there is only a passion that come to life when you engage with individuals and groups in this fun activity, a passion that spurs you on to want more and more once you discover the full benefits of Laughter Yoga; the mood lifting endorphins, the immune system boost, the breathing element, the quality of life through social interaction, the resourcefulness and resilience you build up.

Who doesn't want all of that?

Laughter Yoga is one way of obtaining it all in a very simple way! It is still puzzling me why there is such a fairly small number of people engaging in laughter as an exercise when the benefits are staring you right in your face the minute you get eye contact with a 'ho ho ha ha'.

The potential for changing own life and impacting other lives from a positive angle is immense and readily available through learning the Laughter Yoga techniques.

Whether you train to lead workshops over 2 days, train to teach other leaders over 5 days, are being laughter coached for 8 weeks or come to a Laughter Club for 1 hour - well, those are just many ways in which people can learn to focus on possibilities and opportunities instead of seeing the hurdles and obstacles in life.

Such a massive potential!
More than 60 million people in the UK alone! and with the World within an embracing reach!

Every day people decide to take that extraordinary step to do something out of the ordinary and make that change, become a better person, soften their views, expand their vision, learn something that triggers that outSTANdingness!

I salute you!

A huge thank you to those 500+ individuals in the UK so far who have invested your time, money and mindspace in spreading laughter, Laugther Yoga and joyfulness. The world embraces every positive footstep on your path!
Abi Abul Adam Ah Ng Alice Alison Alix Amanda Amy Andrew Anetta Angie Anish Anita Anju Anna Annabel Annalise Anne Annette Artis Beatrix Belinda Ben Bernie Bette Beverley Bharti Bill Bimla Bozena Brenda Burton Cara Carol Carole Carolina Caroline Carolyn Carron Catherine Charlotte Charmain Cheri Cheryl Chloe Chris Chris Chrissie Christina Christine Jim Cily Claire Clinton Colin Collette Connie Cristina Darren Dave David Debbie Deborah Debra Debs Denise Deon Diana Diane Dinah Dorota Dorothy Douglas Dumisani Eileen Elaine Elena Eleni Elvira Emma Fatima Fay Felicity Fiona Francine Fraser Gail Geoff George Geraldene Gesine Gianna Gill Gro-Mette Guy Hazel Heather Heidi Heike Helen Helene Hilary Hina Honor Ian Ilona Ingrid Iwan Jackie Jacqueline James Jan Jane Janet Janice Janine Jannine Jatinderpal Jayne Jean Jeanette Jeanne-Claire Jenna Jennifer Jeroen Jessica Jigisha Jill Jimena Jo John Josephine Joy Joyce Judith Jules Julia Julie Juliet Kalpana Kamaljit Kamini Karen Kate Katharine Kathleen Kathy Katy Kay Kamala Kes Kiera Kirsten Kristopher Laura Lesley Lez Lidia Linda Lindsay Lisa Louise Lyla Lynn Maggie Maja Malcolm Manda Mandy Margaret Maria Marian Marie Marina Mark Marlies Marneta Marnie Mary Maureen Max Meera Melanie Michal Michelle Miriam Monica Monika Munira Naomi Naseem Natasha Nathalie Nathaniel Neil Nick Nicky Nicola Niki Nikki Nina Navinder Nisha Odile Olga Paddy Pam Pamela Parviz Pat Patricia Patsy Paul Pauline Perry Peter Rachel Ramagopal Rambai Randy Rani Rebecca Rena Rhona Richard Robert Rola Rosaline Rosanna Rosie Roz Rudy Ruth Sabrina Sagar Sally Salwa Sam Sandra Sarah Sasha Sean Seth Sheila Shell Shirley Sidakan Simon Simone Sipora Sirry Sita Sonya Sophia Spike Srila Stephanie Stephen Sue Surya Susan Susanne Suzanne Tahira Tallulah Tanya Taravajra Tessa Thalia Theresa Tiffany Tim Tom Tony Tracy Trish Vanessa Vicki Violeta Vivian Wendy William Wojciech Yvonne Zoe Zoƫ!
NB Names are only listed once for all the Carols, Johns, Karens, Lauras, Susans and many more.

Wishing everyone a wonderful autumn week with lots of laughs and fun!
Kick up the leaves - you never know what's hidden in beneath the surface...!

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