Monday, 19 November 2012

Empty and meaningless

Getting to a point where everything matters based on a point of non-attachment from any possible or impossible outcome must be the most peaceful place to be and act from.

There is no stress or tension because there are no expectations to the outcome of any situtation or event.

There is only the commitment to seeing things through, playing with life, as if life itself depended upon it, and still knowing that everything is fine.

Empty and meaningless. It doesn't mean that things don't matter or have substance or value it is only coming from a place of true unconditional essence without a need for an agenda or control of the situation.

A place where we all matter because we are, not because we have names, titles, money, jobs, possessions etc.!

Maybe it only makes sense to me or maybe I am just repeating myself from past weeks?

The other day I discussed a similar concept, 'letting go', and the question of how to know that we have in fact let go of what needs to be let go of...

Same with non-attachment. How do you know you have let go of the attachment to an outcome of a situation?

The moment when you are in love or when you truly love, and it's okay whatever the outcome of this love would be, because that love is part of your being and will always be there, then you can talk about unconditional love from a space of empty and meaningless.

I'm not quite there yet - except I am...sometimes...

This weekend I was in the presence of some extra-ordinary people who just enjoyed and loved the containment of likeminded souls, thoughts, spirits and hearts, and who shared that energy which was created from fun, love, sincere warmth and laughter without having to add anything except the pleasure of the company and space we shared.

We are all students of life and we are all teachers.

I hope life will never stop tickling your curiosity and that outcomes will become less important than the shared heart-space.

From non-attachment to any result it is easy to play with life and dance in the light of the moon!


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