Monday, 1 October 2012

Hoolahooping goes nocturnal

Waking up in the middle of the night freezing cold is one of the uncomfortable sensations that needs immediate action - so what do you do?

Step onto the kitchen's icy floor to get a drink that is likely to cause more shivers unless it's a warm and soothing cuppa...

OR grab your hoolahoop which is, of course, always conveniently balancing against the wall next to your bed.

Well - mine is!

There is no better way to get warm and feel great than a few minutes of hooping in the middle of the night. The rhythm of the gentle moves is soothing and almost creates a light trance when twirling the hoolahoop in the dark.

It is definitely a warming and calming experience if you cannot sleep for being cold or - if you cannot sleep. Furthermore it gets your mind into a spin of new ideas so keep a notepad or journal and a pen by your bed, just in case that autobiography gets new life in the wee small hours of the morning...

If you do not own a hoop yet - give yourself the gift of getting one! Hoola Nation knows about the joys you get from this fun activity and I guarantee you it will see you through the Northern Hemisphere winter gloom and give you energy no matter how seriously deflated you feel.

Unless of course for various reasons you cannot engage with physical hooping then hoola hoop your mind instead- laugh for no reason it really is the best medicine for counteracting the blues and cold.

It does not matter how loud and boisterous you laugh - it is the intention to laugh and willingness to feel the change and be with it.

Love life - love laughter - and add a bit of mental or physical hoola hooping to it.

Get hooping on that mind and body!

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Ellen Snoeyenbos said...

Great idea! I'm gonna add this to my LY repertoire.