Monday 24 March 2014

Baring it all...

...and feeling happy about it!

Last week saw a campaign for battling cancer which involved posting make-up free selfies on FaceBook and Twitter.


Well, in my book of interesting things it was but perhaps it was just rather random to you...

A once in a lifetime moment captured on camera
Anyway, the part that was interesting to me was the uncomfortable feeling of letting go. Letting go of the image I have held onto for many years - and it will still be there even after more than just one nomakeupselfie, that's for certain.

It was for a good cause and the campaign stirred up a lot in the media and was altogether successful. I am in awe of everyone who really bared it all, so to speak.

A great reminder that in order to be our authentic self we sometimes need to show some of what we hide... And it made med think of my teacher, mentor and good friend, Dr. Madan Kataria, who some odd years ago decided to shave his head and step out of the image-zone in order to be who he is.

The authentic, unconditional image of compassion, love and laughter!

Vanity rules a many a mind in our materialistic society and it was a great exercise in letting go of the familiar - even if just for a moment or two.

Happiness in a flowerpot
Last week also saw the International Day of Happiness taking place. It tied very well in with the idea of being the self and as I was pondering on the quote from Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon about how 'happiness may have different meaning to different people but we can all agree that it means working to end conflict, poverty and other unfortunate conditions in which many of our fellow human beings live' it surfaced in my thoughts; the truth in the words stating that as long as we are at war with the self in our own stressful ways, that is how long we will have war outside the self and the stiving for peace and happiness is all it is, striving.

Happiness is a choice in the here and now and tapping into the inate joy everyone is born with can deeply and profoundly aid the process of being in a state of happy-happy-happy.

However, I do empathise with Ki-Moon's statement although in my opinion it is in the realm of the measures of the happiness index and based on the social, economic and environmental well-being which cannot be separated, as it goes, and this in itself makes the happiness a chase outside ourselves.

Definining wealth by measuring material prosperity and GNP etc are measures of the past and Bhutan have long known this - and that's what UN and everyone else have realised, and that's what The International Day of Happiness is about!

Going back to my roots!

Monday 17 March 2014


I exclaimed fiercely just at that very moment when I answered my phone. The phone went silent and I realised I had just let my initial reaction to being cut off in traffic be expressed as I picked up the phone - my unknowing client was at the other end...

Laughing as I was explaining the traffic situation on the M1 I felt completely rediculous as this is what I teach in my Laughter Yoga Coaching and Laughter Yoga Training classes... Don't get affected by traffic, just laugh it off or speak Gibberish.

Hahaha - even Laughter Yoga Professors have their moments!

The beauty in the awkwardness is that people understand perfectly well these situations and the awesomeness in the moment is that we can all let it go and laugh it off.

Besides, even if traffic does get the better of me, there is no reason why I can't be polite and instead of a frustrated 'WHAT!?' perhaps take a deep breath and play with it while exclaimin 'Snurfy bubchi zook!'.


It is definitely more fun when we play with life and everything life is and everything we make life mean.

Less stress, less upsets, better health, better mood, more fun, more play, more love, more laughter - improved quality of life altogether.

Choose Gibberish and choose laughter - today!

Why? Because you are worth it (as they say) plus the fact that people are people and not sheep.

And remember today is also tomorrow and the day after etc. - it is always worth noting that when you arrive tomorrow it is today!

Finally, no matter what, the traffic doesn't move faster just because you wave a fist and shout profanity at it - worth remembering...

Monday 10 March 2014


The wind, the sun, the hair knots - Spring is here!
Spring is here.

Funny - everytime we get to this time and I think about spring the first song that comes into my mind is the original The Producers song Springtime for Hitler and Germany.

It may not be very politically correct but I am so sorry I just can't help my mind. The even funnier thing, in my book of funnies in this context, is that last week I met a German lass who brought up this song in conversation and we were both in stitches. You don't get more unpolitically-correct or politically-incorrect do you?

We laughed a lot that afternoon.

We laughed so much that everyone wanted more laughter the day after and I honestly hope the people who want more laughter never stop and always will create the settings for laughter when there is little or none.

That's what Laughter Professionals do.
Encourage laughter and encourage joy.

I was watching the news reporters on local TV tonight and no disrespect to the serious events taking place around the world but honestly? Is there really no space for a tiny smile while presenting?

Americans do it. But then...they are considered slightly OTT, aren't they? But they are not, are they? They are just naturally expressing themselves even in unnatural circumstances.

Let's stop judging and just be who we are.
Joyful being with an abundant ability to love.

I know this is an autumn picture but it is just so fresh faced - like spring!
Play, dance, laugh, and sing - and life will play, dance, laugh, and sing with you!

It really is now!
Everything is experiencing growth and positive change!

Monday 3 March 2014

Now the Dr. Kings are you and me...

Laughing for no reason is not only what it is about - there really is so much more to it.
", love thy neighbour, and turn thy cheek to 'I have a dream' the leader speaks..."
Easy to say and I wish it was easy to do, too, but there is still a war within many people and as long as that persists there will be no peace outside of ourself.

When you laugh you cannot feel any negative emotions like hatred, fear, remorse etc. There simply is no room for it all. Your mind changes and it is in fact a change that kicks off and happens in your body first of all. Aren't we all just wonderfully connected in every way there is?

Many years ago I was asked to complete 'unfinished business' with friends and relatives in the sense that every little thing that I may have said or done over the years, things that weren't in full agreement, was to be tidied up and put back where it belonged - in the past without regret.

Now, you may think something to the extent of 'why dig out stuff that has been long gone and forgotten'? Well, you may have forgotten it and have to search you memory for things you can settle but the person that was at the receiving end may still hold a grudge or be lacking in all sorts of ways, confidence, self-esteem, compassion, and so on - things we often have no idea is going on between people we used to know.

Making sense? Maybe not.

But, ask yourself how many people you know that you have NOT spoken about to other people or spoken to about other people when the other people were not in the room? Doesn't have to be nasty, awful things that were said but perhaps things you wouldn't say to them in person.

That was the kind of stuff, among the other direct stuff, that I was sorting and although I didn't place much value on the exercise and the little things I 'cleaned up' with people, it was as if a huge weight was slowly lifting off my back and my shoulders when I looked back over the weeks of the process. This was years and years ago before I came to the UK but I am still reminded about how the change I made changed the world.

Even if you don't think there was anything that was left in limbo - well, perhaps there was for the other person or people.

I don't think I would be where I am now if I hadn't searched my soul and cleared my mind back then and I don't think I would do what I do now if I hadn't made life changes to accommodate a clean conscience, a compassionate heart, and an open mind.

Right now, thinking about those events makes me think about my current life, and in all honesty if you have ever felt over the past many year any negatives from me or felt intimidated in any way that has held you back in life. I sincerely and deeply apologise.

Now, back to the fact that it seems 'all the leaders of the world are gone'...

When we make peace with our past and everything in it we are on a fasttrack to peace within and guess what the next big thing is?! Peace without limitations and without prejudism, fear and hate.

I will repeat what I stated above:

When you laugh you do not have negative emotions chewing away on your mind.

Laughter Yoga works because it combines all the elements of having fun, laughter, play, singing and dancing.

In a world where people are desperate for lightness and positive experiences but where every moment seems full of distraught and unhappiness, Laughter Yoga brings an improved outlook along in its wake.

No more laissez-faire, it is time to take charge!

Life is too important.