Monday, 15 July 2013

Is good enough good enough?

More than good enough!
In the recent years it has become clearer and clearer what I have known a lifetime (and perhaps a bit longer); never settle for anything less that the best of the best!

That is, of course, according to my own measures and not someone else's idea of what is best for me.

So many times I have found myself in situations where, in hindsight, someone else thought it was a great idea.

It is so easy to get ensnared into believing all the good intentions and meanings people have when it comes to your own 'best' but is it? Is it really the best for you or just a dream that someone else has on your behalf? Sometimes even a lost dream with 'too late for me' attached to it...

So, is 'good enough' good enough, then? And is 'not too bad' in fact a way of feeling?

I come from the world of the Law or Jante which states that you should never believe that you are any better than anyone else, and in all fairness I think this way of being is seeping through the communities in this country, too. Just because the Law of Jante was defined in Denmark doesn't mean it is not well and thriving in other countries!

But! having said that, I also believe that there is so much opportunity to rise above this lack of trust, self-belief, hope and will.

Lots of people grow up knowing that it is not okay to be OTT and when we put it like that it almost sounds like a condition such as OCD or ADHD or something to that extent, when actually it is just about being excited about the possibilities that are presenting themselves throughout life.

I am possibly slightly bonkers and a wee bit Over The Top and I love it - and, yeah, I do have moments of probably Under The Top, too, but they are rare and I can get myself out of that mode by thinking about the amazingness of life, love, laughing and living.

There is nothing fake about lifting yourself!

However, just because people have 'made it' doesn't mean they should be all arrogant about it and frown upon people who are still 'suffering' through what seems to be endless set-backs, and knock-downs. This is where kindness and compassion start ruling the steps beyond 'good enough' and it takes a turn to 'excellent' and 'brilliant' because of the way we can touch other people's lives and help create 'extra-ordinary' outside the self from a place of being initially 'okay'.

What is good enough for you? And is good enough good enough for you?

What is good enough for some may in fact be exceptionally amazing to others and so on and so forth - so essentially, breathe in good enough and make your exhalation beyond belief!

Perhaps now is the best time to make it second to none!

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