Monday, 8 July 2013

Coasting in the Middle Lane...

The usual scenery on the motorway with a few cars in the middle lane who are plodding along...

Well, it is a safe space.

The space where you won't get trapped between slower moving lorries like when you are in the slow lane and want to overtake, and you won't get flashed by the faster cars when moving too slow in the fast lane. It's the space where those who are on a slightly faster speed, although not fast enough for the fast lane, get their irritation fuelled and may arrive home in a stressed-out space because traffic just didn't move as it was supposed to...

Think about it for a moment.

  • Ideas happen in the slow lane. 
  • Adrenaline rushes happen in the fast lane. 
  • Nothing but average happens in the middle lane.

How does that compare?
Are you coasting in the middle lane?

Just a quick story without the saucy details, in 1998 my journey from 'one-day-visions' to 'extra-ordinary-presence' started and it is a long story that took me through a few jobs, a divorce, a country-move, financial ruin, and it brought me to a place of blissful realisation that I have all I ever need - with lots of it from within and from the resourceful self...

From that place my life and my business started flourishing!

When you aim for extra-ordinary in your own life you see it all around you. When you don't expect extra-ordinary, it still surrounds you but it may be invisible and unachievable because it is one of these things that is just out of reach...

The Biker Club that raises money for Multiple Sclerosis in the UK
Wake up! Nothing is ever out of reach - only the mind creates stories of unworthiness and lack.

There is nothing mediocre about life - it is yours to experience on this plane of existence and you are more than worthy of every success and every moment you create.

Time is now - to stop coasting in the middle lane of life!

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