Monday, 1 July 2013

Adults don't play

...the pshycotherapists said to the client...

Aha, I said when I heard the story.

Adults DO play and they should - but far too few adults play that is certainly true.

No offense to doctors or phychotherapists but it may be a good time now to choose alternative methods of curing people instead of covering up symptoms, only to bring back the patients for more potentially harmful medication.

It can take a long time to realise exactly what it is that is missing from life if many years have passed without a playful, funloving attitude.

Just ask me - for many years it was all about money and career achievements and razor blades on the elbows (or is that a Danish expression?).  When does that moment occur when you stop and look at your life, your dreams and what is left of all you ever hoped for?


It does not always happen and when it does, it may feel like it is much too late to do something about the dreams long forgotten. But it is NEVER too late!

Sadness is that our modern day society supports achievers that lack playful insightful wisdom and fun at work, when if fact these measure support creativity, motivation and focus at work and outside work.

Don't jump to conclusions just because your colleague is frowning, don't believe that seriousness is the only way forward... Make your own decision - it could be an important one.

It is all about acting on impulse and letting the intuition take over for a moment in time that is essential for growth and change - that moment when you have an idea!

Don't hesitate, act on anything that feels fun, uncomfortable and ground-breaking - you are on the track to amazing and moving life events.

Am I repeating myself? Perhaps but on the flipside of repetition is an extremely urgent message of faith and action blended in a mirthful cocktail.

Take back your playfulness and regain your spirits aim, an aim to enjoy this life time and live it fully!

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