Monday, 22 July 2013

Even rocks break...

...under the touch of gentle waves.

When we venture out to spread our wisdom of laughter and smiles, love and peace not everyone is ready for the goodness and the benefits. However, persistence and trust in the process are valuable allies on the road to change...

Some may even think it is religion or a sectarian way of thinking or similar unorthodoks ways or indoctrination. Nothing was ever further away from what it really is about but 'stubborn' is in many bones.

A smile is just a smile and a grin is just a bigger smile. Nothing threatening about that in its truest and most loving form.

Laughter Yoga teaches the practitioner compassion and love, joy and fun, play and laughter - and isn't that what everyone is striving for? Everyone with a bit of sense stored inside...

And there is so much laughter to be spread!

The world is run by grumpy old men and women who are stuck up their own behinds - people who forgot what life is all about, those who want to keep control, keep being right and prevent the natural healing from taking place. Academics who are stuck in the money mill with an outlook of old ways instead of new thinking and right-brained activity.

There is hope, however, because the bigger society of people in 'lower ranks' and larger numbers are understanding the importance of looking beyond gold and glory, and this is where we have our say, this is where we can have the all important impact and start gnawing away prejudism, arrogance and greed.

Teachers, Healthcare Workers, Business Managers, Therapists, Actors, etc...
Hahaha, yeah, I don't actually preach - I just share my thoughts, although today it may seem a bit in the line of righteous talk, when it is in fact just meant as a share of wonderful pondering following an amazing week of growth through learning from laughter, love, compassion and joy.

This past week we all set ourselves free from ego!

And we did it with Laughter Yoga seeping through our bodies, minds and spirits - just because we GET what's in it for us!

Laughter Yoga is all about the benefits.
And not about Yoga poses at all!

Just remember:
The age of information is over - the future belongs to the right-brainers.

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