Monday, 20 January 2014

Tunnel Vision

Going back to St. Albans after a great Blue Mondy Laughter Session in Central London I was thinking of all the different things that have been going on this morning - in particular on the train to London, I just couldn't help smiling.

It has been a great morning and honestly, every morning is although this one was slightly different in its content.

This smiling-thing all went down while I was waiting for the train at St. Pancras...

Until I heard the announcement that any suspisciously behaving people would be apprehended for questioning... I thought I'd better stop smiling - and started giggling instead.

So what was so 'all that' about going to London on the train?

Nothing much, except a few notes taken!

Tunnel vision, good people, is not a requirement to move through the tunnels between the stations although it seems people going through these tunnels adapt to this way of viewing the world. No smile, no frown, no connection - just plain straght and forward directed gazes that look empty and meaningless - I wish they were... empty and meaningless.

The crammed Victoria Line rolled by towards my Oxford Circus destination - once - twice...

As I watched the fresh perms squashed against the tube windows roll by together with crinkled suit jackets and unjolly faces, I started wondering.

I politely raised my question question to the train-waiting-group I was enjoying the quiet waiting time with. Asking if anyone was regular and thereby would know how many trains on average it would take before we would get on one. A few shrugs, a couple of smiles, a comment or two saying 'we don't commute here daily' and a few LOOKS. The tube rolled by and then! The fourth train and luck struck.

I couldn't help grinning - no one got it, I just grinned on...

It is Blue Monday today but does it matter?

I was on my way to meet a group that didn't care much that today is a day for the blues because we were all set up for a laugh and by golly! We had a GREAT laugh - right there, by Oxford Circus Tube Station we did milkshakes and mental flossing along with lawnmower and meter laughs - all in a good days' work!

Even if only a few shared a shy smile - it is always worth wearing yours!
Even on the tube!
Especially on the tube!

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