Monday, 13 January 2014


Communication is all we do - non-stop! [exclaiming with a matter-of-fact face expression and a double-hand gesture]

Years ago body language used to be a large part of our communication but nowadays where so much talk is being done on messaging each other via electronic devices and the intention of the message is sometimes lost because the expression is missed, both gesture-wise and intonationally. [shrugging shoulders with a grimassing face and a half-intended 'hmpfh']

Funny how sunchronicity works its magic in so many ways because language seems to be up in the air. I noted that while writing this blog post and my inspirational connection, Mark Thompson (lots of people could learn lots from Mark, I'm sure - kudos to him and his work), is on the same path of commenting or pondering on language. [nodding in agreement and validating the comment with a better-knowing smile]

The time I've spent trying to get my point across in a text message because the true meaning has been lost in lack of expression is not worth measuring. It is worth mentioning that not everyone understands smiley faces, internet slang and urban abbreviations - all the little language flowers that supposedly should help anyone get their point across. [pondering while raising eyebrows and upward-turning eyes, revisiting past situations in quiet resignation to the thought]

And this is where it becomes interesting because if the message is lost in un-understandable shortening and pictures no one gets then perhaps it's time to get the phone off the hook [saying grinningly with the knowledge that this expression makes sense to people who knows the old-type hook-hanging phones from past centuries], and make the call instead of continously trying to explain the intension and ending up in either upsets, dismay, anger or other negatively loaded emotions and sensations.

Let's face it, when the people we try to communicate with start getting humpy and cranky because of miscommunication it has a reciprocal effect. This leads to even more language burps... [tutting whilst shaking head with a smile]

Proper talk and the refreshment of body language can save relationships - if not lives in some cases. But we are often tied up in our online virtual presence instead of facing real life [sighing heartfelt with the realisation of the truth in this statement]

Even when we do communicate person-to-person sometimes conflicts occur - that is kind of a normal thing when people with different background, opinions, experience etc. come together... Who is the bigger person? Let it go - I believe I mentioned that a couple of times last week [cranking the face in an attempt to think of something original with the fingers hovering over the keys trying to figure out if there is life in those plastic buttons]

Communication is essential - and so is language often. However, conflicts and disagreements can be solved more easily when sharing a smile and a laugh - and even when speaking Gibberish! The language of nonsense is a powerful solvent and has been known to improve relationships and get fun back into work and life in general! [agreeing with the statement by raising thumbs from the keyboard with an acknowledging gesture]

Bring back body language and intonation and real personal communication!

And if this is not an option, then learn how to soften your expression, and your interpretation in particular. Interpretation of other people's comments, adding our own meaning to what is being said, can be the root of all misdiagnosed intentions and communicative trouble! [sighing and considering the fact that this has happened in real life on so many occasions I have lost track]

Laughter makes us omni-lingual!

Bring back laughter and joy!


Love grows naturally from anything that is light and bright!

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