Monday, 6 January 2014

Now THERE's a thought!

We are all just humans and I say that in my Laughter Clubs, Laughter Yoga Trainings, Laughter Workshops and everywhere I share my work.


Well, I have been laughing for a very long time and it has profoundly changed my life and my outlook, my perspective and my view on what is possible to anyone who makes choices.

However, often in conversation people use negative phrases about things being 'tough' or 'hard' or similar and it really is all in the language.

We create what is 'so' with out language.


Even though people often think I am always in a great and cheerful mood (I am mostly just for the record), I also have days when things are not as I imagined them to be and I get upset or fed up or tired or frustrated. I am just human and we all are just human afterall. But the essential message here is about picking the self up with a grin and letting go of what is not serving a great purpose!

Not to beat myself up because I still have a tiny control freak hidden inside me and sometimes it is bigger than tiny and I lose my mind to it but the truth is, that I have everything inside me to snap out of it when it's no longer worthwhile to remain with the experience of the ego-grasp. And it is NEVER worthwhile!

Another fact is that laughing every day for no reason provides perfect a reason for laughing in this style because it enables me, and anyone who practices it, to quickly realise self-staged little dramas and decide they are not what's needed and what's great.

In the end this realisation makes the choice to let go so so so much easier.

I realised my own little 'thing', the stuff I still have attached to me, the 'stuff' I'd love to let go of, when I came back from a lovely break in the north-east and discovered that my home which was supposedly 'just as when I left it' was NOT 'just as when I left it'.

After 10-12 teenagers having celebrated New Years' Eve and afterwards done their best to put things right, well, I threw a tiny tantrum at the mere sight which was, to say the least, NOT what I expected...

One and a half hour later, after hoovering, scrubbing, re-organising etc. I apologised to her for getting upset about what had not been done to my satisfaction and instead decided celebrating that my daughter and her friend had actually done a good job with the things that had in fact been tidied.

It is okay to apologise when you are an adult and your kids have done their best - even if you feel they should know better.

It creates great freedom to acknowledge, set straight, and let go!

I love my daughter and her friends are ace.

They partied until 6am and my neighbours didn't complain because they had been warned them in advance.

To be 18 years old and know what is expected inside your mum's head - now, THERE's a task that no child will ever truly graps.

Kudos to Karen & Co. for their effort, and thanks to thought process for the ability to let go of how it should have been.

The New Year 2014 is here and is seeping into every corner of 2013 remnants with tremendous speed, erasing the past year's fnuff and dustbunnies with amazing integrity and empowering style.

That's what comes from letting go and being in the moment instead of all the other past events and should've, could've, would've beens - momentum.

The only thing at stake when you let go of being right and in control is your ego - and honestly, the ego is not worth the fight, what's behind the ego is what matters!


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