Monday, 5 August 2013

Nobody's perfect...

...yet all is perfect exactly the way it is!

A perfect moment on a perfect path faced with nothing
You may disagree - and I may even disagree at times but stop for a moment and be in this exact moment and you will feel it. Feel the beauty of being present.

Only when you stop and really stop, do you discover the magic of being in the moment of life. It is something intangible and untouchable but it is there.

The presence.

Breathing is in the moment - not in the past and not in the future. Breathing is where life happens!

The breath you take is what defines either the stress or the calm so make your next breath count, make it one of those life-giving, airfilled, body experiences that leaves you full of energy and feeling refreshed.

Everything that happened in the past and everything that is anticipated for the future happens in thought every moment you think about it, but if you let it go, then you are the one that happens in the moment.

Isn't it amazing to ponder on life as it was and as it never will be again or 'never in a million years' - who foresees a million years, anyway? Actually. Who is around in a million years?

Or maybe the right question is 'where is a million years from now?' Perhaps it is just a fraction of a moment away in a parallel Universe regardless of the time zone we plot around in during our Earth existence...???

That is of course a different subject but essentially no matter where or when we are RIGHT NOW - this is the perfect moment for a lot of things.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Perhaps the perfect moment to
  • say passionately to someone 'I love you'
  • sigh contently while watching the sunset
  • jump excitedly out of bed
  • dance energetically around in nature
  • smile genuinely at a stranger
  • plot mischievously with a friend
  • sing loudly with the birds in the sky
  • laugh ecstatically for no reason

Or perhaps it is just a moment to enjoy the stillness of time.

Your choice.


Nicholas Bishop said...

Beautifully written from a open heart. Thanks Lotte xxx

Linda Nightingale said...

Really wonderful thoughts Lotte - thank you so much I really enjoyed it and share the sentiments XXX