Monday, 12 August 2013

Just ONE word today.


Oh and then perhaps Laugther Yoga and World Peace.

...and then there are mums!
Don't know where to start and where to finish today but one thing is true that with the right amount of love and laughter there really is only peace and freedom!

When it is August I usually miss my calling, Laughter Yoga, because I tend to keep the month free for holiday-type-of-activities. However, this year it has been full of loads of Laughter Yoga, including the real spontaneous laughter and giggles that stems from the heart of joyfulness.

How do you get in touch with that essential laughter core?

Well, you could ask my client who started an 8-week Laughter Coaching Programme last week because just one hour of learning Laughter Yoga brought real laughter into real life, or you could just ask me...

There is no doubt that real and spontaneous laughter is the most wonderful expression to be shared between caring people but when it is but a distant memory - how do you find it? How do you re-activate that laughter that does not even have a sound? Does a tree make a sound when it falls and no one is there to hear it? What is the sound of laughter when no one is there to express or experience it?

Ask me about laughter - I am no authority and yet I am, we all are, but some know a bit more about variations of laughter and that is where there is a choice to learn and to teach.

So back to love...

Laughter Yoga teaches you to let go of inhibitions and create space for real and profound love of life.

And...then there is LOVE.

I rest my case and finish with just one word and recommend you stick with it!


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