Monday, 4 March 2013

Welling yourself

Welling yourself... what a great expression!

Thank you, it was just what I needed.

And it is all about doing for you what feels good and nurturing. Just like the little seeds and bulbs and lovely nature 'things' have nurtured themselves over winter and now jump out in the open - I'm sure if they had arms they would stretch out with a big 'TADAAAAA!' but that's just what I think when I look at the blossoming world.

We are all so busy with our lives up until the moment when spring is springing as it does best and we start to notice there is life...

Beautiful life - outside our minds!

And so it comes about that it is time to bring the loveliness and bewonderment into your own life through...welling yourself!

It may be in the sense of adding a morning laugh or two, or having a nice manicure, facial, massage, spa day - or simply being a boyfriend or a girlfriend and sharing a bit of luscious love and affection.

It is the time where romance grows out of simply feeling a sense of spring!

What a wonderful world - something so simple that not even human beings are set above nature's instinct but merely responds to the ingrained essential instinct for suvival - very deeply rooted...

It is amazing to be part of a world that turns and with every turn there is hope, love, joy and nature. Expressed in the words of Heather Small 'the world is mine and belongs to me' - not in a selfish way but in the sense that I am the only one stopping me from having the experience of life and it is right there at my feet, ready to grab hold of and enjoy. I do think it is rather fantastic.

Welling yourself then?

As long as it makes you feel good, anything goes - just like with Gibberish...

Remember that you are in charge and the choice is in your hands and mind! You know what to choose.

Love it out and laugh out loud - life is here and now! CHI

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