Monday, 25 February 2013

"The owls are not what they seem"

Twin Peaks - the essence of gibberish performed in two seasons of TV - what on Earth was the meaning of that?!

Sometimes words are too many and sometimes not enough and sometimes we homour each other in ways that makes no sense and may seem quite rude or out of order.

Words. Humour.

Different meaning for different people!

Another reason Laughter Yoga makes sense on a different level.

Laughter Yoga connects us without the need for things that may not resonate with everyone or may seem out of sorts to some. In Laughter Yoga we connect with joyful hearts and acceptance. We learn to deal with situations and we come out together as winners everytime - winners of the life game, not winners in the sense that someone else lost because there is no losing except when we resort to the flipside of joyous behaviour.

A side effect of Laughter Yoga is excessive Gibberish - a way of communicating without making sense, yet making perfect sense. There is no judging and no planning the next step in a conversation when all is said in Gibberish. How is this possible you may ask - well, letting go of being right and in control of all situations is a requirement for being at peace with yourself and other people. Essentially speaking the language of nonsense from a place of love.

And, guess what? It is fun! Lots of fun!

The midget in Twin Peaks speaks a form of Gibberish to Agent Cooper in the agent's dream and although it is twisted to make sense (or is it?), it still is Gibberish in the form of backwards speaking. Twin Peaks - that is a topic of its own! A tv-series that started out as a murder investigation but twisted itself into a real strange adventure of nonsense and weirdness - what more can one wish for from David Lynch and Co.?!

Side tracking...

Back to the topic of the day - words.

Words are just like laughter which is just like fire... You can cook food or you can burn a house. Laughter can be used for sharing and it can be used to control people. Words can be used to create a world of love and they can be used to break down your soul.

Speak wisely, and if in doubt, pause and think before the gibber blurts out.

Love and peace!

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