Monday, 18 March 2013

£2.50 for a missing pancake

In September 2012 Sainsbury's introduced a new brand of pancakes and in the knowledge that the young people who frequents my home had taken a liking to ready-made pancakes I decided to try them out.

Six pancakes in a pack, just like the old Sainsbury's brand...

My surprise was rather large when the package turned out to contain five pancakes only, and kind-hearted as I am (if I may say so myself) I decided to make the company aware of this calculation error just in case less good-natured people would discover the same number fault and complain. So, my email to them was in no way a complaint but more of a friendly note.

I forgot all about it because it was not an important issue in my life to walk around pondering on missing pancake number 6.

In February 2013 I received an email about the missing pancake issue and I was rather bemused that they even bothered after all that time. But setting things right they offered me a refund even though I insisted it wasn't a complaint and knowing they had read my message and looked into the matter was good enough for me - if they really insisted they could just send me an Easter Egg (or was that too cheeky?). Too cheeky it must have been because I received a cheque in the post...

I will not make companies aware of their non-serious but amusing errors anymore.

It was a sweet gesture that they offered a refund but a complete waste of time, money, cheque fees, and paper.

However, the essence is that some people care about the reputation of their brands and it is nice that they care enough to write back - an email is sufficient for me.

I hope that everyone will care as much about Laughter Yoga and its reputation as Rutland Foods cares about 6 Abra-Ca-Debora Pancakes or rather 1 of them.

I know I do!

The work I do is for the benefit of others and I always strive to deliver training and workshops in a way that recognises and supports each individual in a compassionate and respectful way.

And if ever someone has an issue with the work then it is up to me not to make excuses for someone being in a different frame of mind than me but accept that Laughter Yoga may not be for everyone.

I would refund a £2.50 pancake, too, metaphorically speaking.

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