Monday, 23 July 2012

Searching for the answer???

What would be the question to ask?

I find it really interesting that when things are slightly challenging and the feeling that 'something' is missing becomes persisten then we tend to look for an answer to what is missing.

What if nothing is missing and it is just the moment in time that things feel disconnected and short of a non-existing part?

We are all on a journey through this life and Universe and I have learned that no matter whether it seems like times are only challenging me I know that this is the exact moment I should be on my path, and trying to avoid it would proabably just move the challenge a bit further ahead but I would need to face it.

That is, of course, my perspective and what I choose to believe!

So why try to find the answer?

Sometimes it may be that our usual patterns repeat themselves over and over again and it is time to break up with them - but how to, and this is where the answers are being sought and questions are being asked.

Even when searching within and discovering those defining moments of truth, the life-changing ideas that tell us how to move on we need a new frame to work within and without because otherwise the result will always be the same and we will get back to asking the same question again.

Repeating patterns!

What kind of questions are they and how do we break free?

Any question that may be uncomfortable to voice...

...and deal with!

Check for yourself, what is your self-destructive pattern? Do you have anything you would like to change for yourself or do you already know the answers but still go in the same circles? Same thing! What is the answer to that? How to get out of the 'same-old-same-old'?

Or maybe things are just perfect in a perfect world!

I don't have answers but I know that quieting the voice that keeps asking those questions, searching for happiness and other solutions, is the ultimate solution and it really does provide a great 'YES! everthing is alright exactly where I am'.

Anthony Robbins keeps saying:
'If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.'

I practice Laughter Yoga - not just the Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha - and I learn from every day I 'laughteryog' (a new verb!). 

The practice includes more than faking the laughter and when you truly get the idea of 'World Peace through Laughter' then the questions and search begin to crumble and disappear because the answers are within the space of peace and tranquility along with every solution.

This is the true value you get from being a Laughter Yoga Teacher!

Time to stop searching and be the answer to all the questions, knowing that nothing is missing!

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Jane Carr said...

Thanks Lotte, love this piece of head emptying!!
Having just finished Clown 2 with Nose to Nose, I find myself in a place where there are no answers ~ all answers do is to stop a question in it's tracks!
I've just been learning to feel comfortable in a place where I've no idea what's happening and allowing the real me to just be.
It's changed me in a subtle way ~ just a little paradigm tilt ~ and it feels so true to my path.
I don't seem to want answers any more, they're too 'right or wrong'.
I've begun to enjoy that place of uncertainty where I don't need to be perfect, where 'mistakes' are what move me forward and what brings out my clown ~ the 'same old, same old' is no more and I seem to be, somehow, 'new'!! :):):)