Monday, 2 July 2012

Return to Innocence

After I started writing this blogpost I saw the same title on a Facebook post from a spiritual group - it seems we all turn our attention to the parts of life that at times seem so lost and forgotten.

As I was thinking about my blog I realised that what I blog about has already been said in so many ways by other people.  Even so, I hope I can add a little other perspective - perhaps that of a less schooled view and more of a personal insight without the opinions of theosophs, philosophs, other sophs any other than my own opinions.

I remember years ago a dear friend said to me about University that this is the time when you let go of your own individuality and adopt other people's standpoints - the scholars' and professors'. No offence to anyone, I have the deepest respect for studied people and enjoy it myseld.

Haha - well...

Hopefully in time - after the campus years - people rediscover their own voices and opinions again.

In any case, enough said about other people's views and opinions!

After teaching a wonderful group of laughter-willing individuals about the amazing technology called Laughter Yoga, it is clear that they have already made their minds up about how they wish to pursue the joy these tools enable them to bring to life for themselves and other people.

Laughter Yoga is a powerful tool for reclaiming the unconditional joyfulness everyone has stored up and often packed away inside, as well as releasing all the energy-stealing emotions and feelings such as guilt, resentment, anger, fear, hatred and so on and so forth.

By letting go these emotions and the ingrained conditioning fantastic things and events start unfolding!

This is how life started...

This is how we fall in love...

Laughter Yoga allows you to return to the innocence and playfulness which encourages creativity and cultivates an open mind full of love for life - and motivation! 

And by the way, Laughter Yoga is completely free of judgement, religion, politics, GMO, discrimination. It is a true and honest way of setting yourself free of conditioning that wear you down and keep you from exploring life fully.
Play! Sing! Dance! Laugh! - very beneficial for anyone at any stage in life.

Embrace your inner wisdom and return to innocence with Laughter Yoga!

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