Monday, 25 March 2013

Stop asking questions??

In life we grow through our constant quest for answers, that is part of who we are and what we strive towards - answers to all-important questions...

What DO we strive towards?

Knowledge, wisdom, being right, having power? Or simply the quest for peace of mind through answers to tranquile questions made up of how, why, when, who, what and question marks?

Three Mikkelsen Generations
As we get older the questions deepen and it is a different basis we add to asking but when we are young, we ask questions which are often easy for grown ups to answer based on the basic knowledge we all learn as we grow up.

However, what do we tell young people when we cannot answer their questions? 'You will find out when you get older'? 'Stop asking silly questions'? 'Grow up'?

Yup, this is the time we start growing up... but is it really so urgent to stop asking questions, just because our parents, teachers and family cannot answer them?

I believe that as part of our life-long lessons we need to be creative and explorative - not necessarily in a search or quest for something else but just to remain curious about life and all it offers. Afterall, we are here now - next time we may not remember the wisdom we harvested in this life...

So why all the questionning you may ask?

Last time I had a cold in 2011
Well, I had a cold brewing up in just a few days and I sat thinking about why it actually started... One of the things about colds (that is, of course, in my opinion) is that they strike when the immune system is somewhat faulty or slightly worn out.

I thought about the week gone by and I realised that I have been doing things that are in direct contradiction to what makes me buzz and feel great about working. I am getting to a point where I can understand why teachers burn out and want to find different routes to what they enjoy, teaching!

So, I found myself telling young people off and telling them what to do with a frown instead of a smile and that, my friends, is one way to kill my immune system off, I discovered.

Maybe I was not meant to go into schools and be a stand in for teachers on leave or in meetings? Another question... And the answer to me is quite obvious and extremely relevant, not just to me - I always say to young people that whatever they decide to do after they finish their studies, I hope they will go on to do exactly what they always wanted to do.

Growing up creates challenges to help you keep your mind set and focus your attention on what is important! Stop questionning your gut and start feeling it - ask the right questions right now!

Dream you life and live your dream!

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