Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Celebration

Easter Celebration, Easter Celebration, Easter Celebration...

Do we celebrate or mourn? Or is it a bit of both? I suppose the days leading up to Easter are the days of mourning and Easter is the celebration.

Well, I can tell you this much; my Easter was a true celebration! Of love and life, laughter and lighter perspective, fun and feasting! This Easter carries a lot of mileage - yes, I can live a long time on the memory alone but the future undoubtedly holds more than memories.

It is cold and frosty but it is Spring and I can feel it in every little cell in my body.

The Danish Easter is traditionally celebrated with lots of food lined out in wonderful buffets of open sandwich indulgence, beer and snaps in great company of friends and family. But this year I did not spend my Easter in Denmark - instead I went to the North-East of England and spent two magical days in the most amazing company.

Exactly what Easter is really about - sharing life and great love that leads us to a state of mind that is pure and full of unconditional-ness.

When we are at peace and in love with life then we can be with whatever is out of line compared to this frame of mind from a perspective where, although wrongs don't just become rights, we can cope from an eternal space where now is now and everything that happens here is in the moment which means we free ourselves from opinions of good or bad.

So what! if we have had experiences that were not in our favour and their memory may not be aligned with any peaceful thought, all is in the past and it is time to let it go and be in the present. This is where life is revealing itself.

...or pink magnolias...
I know I repeat myself when I mention living in the now but it really is where we create pink clouds to float on in those magical moments happening when we allow ourselves the freedom to be.

I rest my case - this post was meant to be about Easter and chocolate but I guess it just became one of those about life indulgence - perhaps same category...

Unconditional love in a shared, precious moment where time truly stands still! Just grab it.

And then there was a bit of chocolate...

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