Monday, 3 September 2012


'Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.' Roald Dahl

Instead of following the dream that may be waiting at the end of the rainbow we stop looking up...

It is easy to get caught up in believing that things are just the way they are without any consideration for the possible and impossible pursuits that make life exciting.

Complacency, huh?

I think we all experience it at some point during our life journey but whether we get stuck with it or not that is a completely different story. Not saying it's a bad thing, just that it doesn't challenge any greatness (that is, of course, in my opinion as always haha).

For a brief moment in time when I worked as Cover Supervisor in Secondary Schools I experienced this way of looking at things. Sad - the place where we as adults are supposed to set an example and inspire the next generation of extra-ordinary life creators.

However, it was clear in the environment into which I stepped that there was no looking for the big and miraculous within these young people - they were just the way they were.

Every day was just the every day routine of putting things in perspective by handing appropriate 'yellows' to those who misbehave in a way that could not be controlled by standard measures and paedagicical teachings - or did they even try, those trusted adults?

When did we forget the promise we made when we became teachers of the minds and bodies - and made ourselves accountable and responsible for the moulding of young minds and their growth?

Not judging, though! We do what we do because we are equipped with our lessons and knowledge...

Over the years, experience have taught me many a thing, and I have proudly and humbly become a teacher as well as a student of life and opportunity - I teach grown-ups to see what we as adults lost on our way through commitments, challenges, bills and communting, and I learn from each and every one on the way!

In this world of change I truly hope that the students who cross my path and learn from the teachings I am able to pass on, will venture into the playfields of younger as well as more mature minds and take a stand for possibility, and for joy, openness and happiness in life!

Thank you all for teaching me greatness and compassion it is with this in mind and heart that I always write my little blogging posts - whether they make sense or not, sound harsh or loving - or whichever emotion and feeling you add to my words!

A while ago I said to one of my daughter's friends that whatever the exam results and choice of higher education at this stage in life, I hope that each one of you young people will always go out, into the world, and do the things you love doing instead of what you have to do because 'there is no choice'.

Always believe there is a choice and a choice to NOT choose 'laissez-faire'ism!

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