Monday, 16 July 2012

Love is the Universal Key.

How is it possible to love when there is no one to love? Or when there has been hurt and pain so many times?

Love yourself!

Love is not always about other people, animals, things or stuff but moreso about embracing the sensation of this ancient and profound emotion from a center within the self. 

Loving yourself is, however, for many people easier said than done... 

When asked, it is easy to say 'Of course, I love myself' but not always easy to feel, and mostly it is not something we brag about because other people may view us as pretentious, self-contained, self-significant and all those things that we believe are important that people don't think we are.

Why does it matter what people think? Well, perhaps it matters because we don't always love ourselves enough and therefore it is important that at least other people LIKE us.

However, love is about being authentic and real. Love is about being truthful and honest in the moment. Love is about sensing the unconditional expression of life. Love is about committing to the moment and to life itself.


Is there anything more exhilarating?

Lynn Shaw put it quite eloquently:
What is a laughing heart? A laughing heart is a heart that hears what is not being said. When you are present with another person and laughter occurs between you, your hearts have laughed together. When you are alone and have a moment of clarity and your eyes light up, your mouth forms that "Ohhh" sound and you want to shout, 'Yes!' Your heart is laughing. And, when you have a laughing heart, you have a healing heart.
This brings about the aspect of laughing which is quite suitable as laughter is what I do very well - hahaha.

Laughter, and in particular laughing for no reason, truly brings out the best in us and as we laugh we let go of all the negatives of life, enabling us to view everything with an open heart and mind - from a place of love and warmth.

The essence of Laughter Yoga is about our unconditional commiment to joy and peace within. When there is peace within it is easy to embrace authentic love and peace will happen outside us.

On a final note, I enjoy reading Barefoot Doctor's messages and guess what, as I started writing here I received a message on the same topic...on love! and here we are almost at the end of my blog post...

peace and tranquility...
The Universe works its magic and is totally drawing in from all multifaceted verses and multiverses in order to adjust and align the messages people send out in unison.

This is my opinion on universally outreaching love - and it is just an opinion that I'd like to believe!

Only love is real!

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