Monday, 9 July 2012

The Fairy within...

'I believe in fairies, I do, I do' the famous line from Peter Pan.

As children we believe in these magical, mythical little people who live in the woods, the gardens, the attick, the basement and so on - places where they can nurture the environment and ensure the continuation of life of all sorts.

The 'little people' who are the keepers of the earth in all its amazing shades, whether it be earth, water, rocks, trees, flowers, animals or wherever there is space to care for...

And even if you don't believe in fairies you probably know what a fairy is and looks like - or at least the fairy outside yourself... 

Perhaps fairies are not just without but hugely wihtin? Perhaps this side of life and of you should be cultivated and nurtured as if it was real.  This starved inner child, the fairy in us all, that is longing to reclaim its territory of fun and play, joy and laughter, song and dance - in all parts of life.

You may think this is a lot of silliness and nonsense but if you stop that line of thought for a moment and really evaluate the true meaning of your inner fairy perhaps it makes more sense than you initially thought.

Because isn't it exactly about caring for, nurturing, defending, taking a stand for, preserving, and loving our life and the world we are here to be part of?

Being in that way with joy in heart and mind!

It is easy to forget the tiniest joys when we grow up because of the conditioning we constantly have to embrace as part of adult life, how to behave, speak, laugh, act - be part of the seriousness and heavy commitments in life.

It doesn't have to be that way - all the time...

When we laugh we tickle our soul and we tickle the spirits of realms that we may not physically be aware of, see, hear or feel - even the ones within.

A good couple of years ago when I first started teaching people to laugh the Laughter Yoga way, the course was held in a spiritual training centre in St. Albans and along with my training other spiritual and health oriented teachings were taking place regularly. Now, it so happened that on day one of the Laughter Yoga Leader Training the room below us hosted a past life regression workshop taking place...

You may call that extremely challenged planning of the room schedule or you can believe that the laughter attracts even more spirits and makes any spritual workshop and experience that wee bit more complete. Your call.

Getting upset about coincidences like that doesn't change the fact that they have happened but the upset may keep your good mood away and keep your spirit low.

I believe in the things that make me feel good - whether they are real in our realm or not. Believing is a wonderful way of bringing wishes and dreams into life!

Please keep dreaming, playing, laughing, singing and dancing - good things oftentimes follow and even if they don't then you have still had a blast and your inner fairy will love you for it.

Wishing you a wonderful week of discovery!

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