Friday 13 July 2018

The Rock and the Tree - a short story of friendship.

A little thought I had when I was sat by the Clyde in Scotland last year.
On the shore of the River Clyde laid a rock and a proud tree stood tall by its side, reaching far into the air around them.

It was no ordinary rock it was a boulder that had been sat there for many many years, decades and maybe even centuries perhaps even longer.

The tree was old, too.
It had a wisdom in its branches, roots, twigs, leaves and big trunk. It was a happy tree.
Once it had been a tiny seed bursting through the soil on the shore of the River Clyde eager to live and to grow.

The tree had experienced many seasons of hardship in the rain, the gust, and even from the birds and other animals that had been seeking it out over the years. Yet it was a happy tree, a healthy tree with a lifetime of experience in its ever-growing branch-span.
There was a special bond between the rock and the tree.

For hundreds of years the rock had sat by the shore on its own. Maybe it was pondering on life or maybe not at all because all it knew was being solitary as the days and nights simply rolled along while the rock was watching seasons, life and weather go by.

Sometimes people would rest on the rock and sometimes animals would relieve themselves on its side. To the rock this was the flow of its being.

One day something very special happened in the ground beneath the rock. It felt the movement and the ripples in the soil, the earth and dirt shook gently. Such a small sensation but enough for the rock to notice.

A tiny little seedling broke through the surface of the earth just next to the rock. It was a moment of celebration beyond any past event as this vulnerable life showed its will power and its strength.

The rock felt proud and protective.

The tree was frightened but strong in its pursuit, thinking if it did not make an effort to grow then it would merely sizzle away and become dust. Not even a memory because there was no one around to remember it.

The rock reached out to the seedling and for the first time since its breakthrough it realised that it was not alone. Even a grand old rock had life streaming through its dense being.
It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
The storms and harsh weather from the mountains and the river would often pull and push the seedling and if it was not nature forces then it was wildlife pecking and pulling to feed.

For many years the rock provided shelter and protection for the seedling as it grew stronger and taller until it had become an impressive tree with a wide trunk and stretching branches full of lush green-coloured leaves.

The tree said to the rock, 'you have been my friend and protector for many years. I am now high and mighty and I shall return the friendship and favour. I shall protect you from wind and rain now'.

The rock was moved by this gesture and decided that it would always be there for the tree just the way it had always been in the past whether the words were spoken or unsaid.
Friendship exist beyond time and space, appearance and circumstances.

Even through tough challenges there is support in every part of life and although it may sometimes seem unlikely that backup is there for you.

Never dismiss anyone, they may have that tiny bit of magic it takes for you to feel special and to pull through whatever the challenge is.

Besides, no one knows what goes on in someone else's mind except that person so my encouragement and the point of the story is to let go of judgment and find a way to embrace change and diversity.

One world, one seed, one love.

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