Monday, 23 December 2013

A secondhand dream

Dreaming begins...
The strange dream wasn't mine - it was Dodo and the Dodos'...

But it made me think a lot of thoughts about dreams we all have. Sometimes they make sense and sometimes...they just seem like a load of nonsense and we think and think and think and try to work out what is the meaning. Yeah, I've had those dreams. I still have those dreams.

Sometimes dreams are like ripples and reflections - and that is what they cause, reflection. And what is it to reflect? Relection is as a mirror you look into where the mirror looks back at you checking you got what it was all about - isn't that what we do when we reflect? Checking our lessons and checking the mirror for any escaped wisdom.

Another dream?
We bare ourselves for ourselves. Wisdom happens when we let go and look at the nakedness of ourselves.

Often we put things in boxes and try to make reality of unreal events and miracles instead of letting the magic unfold and become from the thoughts and ideas of a million lifetimes, lessons we forgot about letting be, teachings of mindfulness and a loving stateful peace or a peaceful loving state.

Yet another dream
Reminding me of the undying words from Michael Jackson, 'if you wanna make this world a better place, take a look at yourself and make the change'.

A dream come true
Shedding all pretence and seeing what's there without the dramas and added stories and meaning we often apply to situations in order to make them fit into our reality. Imagine being free of all this and just be who we are. Imagine, if we could see each other just like that, see each other for who we are when no one looks - for anything else (just another paraphrased thought from Dodo).

We all dream when we sleep but we don't all remember our dreams and we don't remember all our dreams either.

Another beautiful dream come true!
Another reason it is important to dream when we are awake - and dream big!

Dream big - and even if only a fraction of the dream comes true, then it is still a dream that's been lived.

I had a strange dream, my head was a square.

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