Monday, 16 December 2013


Where to start when life just flows as a natural stream?

It doesn't matter who says what or who does what or who is what - what matters is that everything is perfect the way it is.

This time of year frustrations and stress seem to be thrown about as if it was a matter of life and death getting those exact presents of getting somewhere or perhaps the turkey is too small...

Well, if you are a believer of Baby Jesus then he arrived at the exact time he arrived and it didn't really matter if it was too early or too late plus the latest games and gadgets were merely wrapped in fragrance and soothing oils for people to invent thousands of years later.

If you don't believe in the story of the Christ that's perfectly so, because this is not about religion but about being in the flow instead of forcing our way upstream.

The past few years have been a mix of challenge and flow and it is amazing to look back and review all the times where the challenges have forced their way to the surface and it has in fact been because of trying too hard. But what IS 'trying too hard'?

When you are passionate and compassionate about life, laughter and love then there should be no 'trying too hard' - it is all about sharing it all and not forcing it onto people.

I love what I do and sometimes it may seem that it is just too much but isn't that just because we all carry our own stuff around that cause us to react to certain stimuli in certain ways and sometimes it is contrary to our conditioning and our sense of 'over the top'.


Cheers to Over The Top and sort-of-apologies if you feel I am too much but I really don't think I can help it much. Not because I don't care but because I do care about people, about you, about life, about love and about Laughter Yoga!

That took up up to 20:06.
Wishing you a great rest of Monday.

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