Monday, 8 April 2013

Why as in Y!

As I was watching the snow whirling outside my window this week I sat thinking... Why on Earth is it so cold when it is supposed
to be nice and not so cold?! Everyone is yearning for the warmth and the nourishing sun.

I bet there are lots of people thinking the same thing.

But do people also know about words beginning with 'why'? Or is it simply for questionning?

For example a yabba is a Jamaican wooden vessel but to yabber means to be chatting. I'd be yawning my head of if it wasn't the fact that I started looking at why-words and think it's quite good fun and, yeah, rather yeuk'ing my curiousity.

All this yada yada is in no way a reflection of not having anything else to yowl about but merely a yip of excitement that there are extensive lists of words beginning with 'why'! Exept, of course, it is the letter Y.

Even if it sounds like why why why - and we can keep asking why.

Most of the verbs beginning with why, e.g. yaup, yack, yowl, yip, yell, yap are mainly about loud sounds or throwing up... I wonder if the question why is more than just related to these y-words as oftentimes WHY is being shouted out with a capital Y. 

Or maybe the noisy words with Y were placed at the end of the alphabet to avoid extensive use because, in honesty, who truly wants to listen to yelling, yowling, yapping and yabbering too much?

However, the initial question is no longer valid as the sun has graced my lawn and Laughter Club with oceans of glorious light and sprouting warmth.

Isn't it great, though, to know that there are other words than the once we use in our daily standard politeness.

So, how are you today?

Tremendously yippee-ki-yay, I hope! 

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