Monday, 7 January 2013


They come in all sizes, shapes and flavours, don't they?

Smiley Lollipop by 'Nightingales' in Bourne
My favourite lollipop provides me with the flavoursome opportunity of smiling! It rests on my window sill for me to smile at everytime I look out the window which I do when I contemplate things, ideas as well as philosophise a bit on life, the Universe and everything - as if to find inspiration from the world outside.

'Find inspiration from the world outside'? Isn't that where it comes from - sometimes?

Except sometimes inspiration strikes from within whether you meditate or don't meditate. A thought is all it takes, a moment of stillness is all it takes, a reflection or a view - inspiration comes in all sizes, shapes and flavours, as well a feelings, emotions and breaths.
  • Inspire - breathe in - mind processing...
  • Expire - breathe out - world processing...
Expire in this context (or in my mind) does not mean 'coming to the end of the lifetime'. In this line of thought it is about sharing the inspired moment, the in-breath, with the world, expressing the idea and bringing it to life outside the personal mind.

So, lollipops, eh? Great to accompany thinking.

I like the lemon flavours but I don't dislike the other flavours, and isn't that what life is also about?

Not disliking things because they don't comply with your taste, but instead being open-minded about the possibility of someone else being compatible with that personally-disliked-object/subject-of-your-attention...

I believe it is but it is easy to judge instead of seeing what's possible and available through experiencing something different.

Yeah, lollipops takes you around a lot of thinking thoughts in their many sizes, shapes and flavours...

Just like ideas and people!

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