Monday, 28 January 2013

Keys, phone, purse.

Super Carla from 1960s Denmark
Mostly being an extraordinary person with superpowers such as laughter, compassion, joy, love and fun sets me free and releases me from fears and worries.

However, when the snow arrived I discovered that even am just a normal person - what a revelation and relief .

I dropped my keys in the snow when it had only just fallen and was lovely, white and fluffy. The irony of it is that I dropped when somewhere on my driveway and you would think that the quest to find them would be quite simple, e.g. bend down and pick up.

Nooo no no no no - it wasn't that simple at all. My keys had vanished when I dropped them in the pursuit of opening the gate while kicking away snow to allow the gate a few extra inches of movement. Perhaps I kicked the snow and pushed the gate too hard and my keys flew out of my hand.

Well, in any case I panicked after the short search in the natural perimeter and I spent a good hour searching, thinking of all the inconvenient things that would happen while I to wait for spring when the snow would melt away.

Panicking didn't help, breathe, breathe, breathe, left-over panick, breathe, breathe, breathe, discover keys in untouched snow, they had just slipped into the snow without leaving a mark - phew, was I happy to find them? Don't even ask!

It did make me think of my triggers for upsets. There aren't that many, honestly, and I can easily snap out of it very quickly.

Besides - what is the worst thing that could happen?

When you ask that question things fall into the proper perspective and life is in fact quite nice even with missing keys, the people in the phone will be there even when the phone is not, the content of the purse is merely symbolic plastic that can be replaced - so what is the big deal?!

Inconvenience is all it is - to me, that is.

I was reminded of my superpowers last week, when I received a message from my teenager. In  her English Litterature class they had been writing a small poem about a person that inspires them and along with her two friends they wrote a poem about me. A touching moment where I realised that there is so much more to be said for the impact each of us have on each other, and our families, friends, peers etc.

There is nothing you cannot overcome when you have superpowers for the good and graciousness of other people.  Being a Laughter Ambassador and Teacher is all about serving the highest good of other people and in this process set aside what is not important as well as be gentle with the self.

We live in a materialistic world but even this is on the change movement, more and more people are on a journey to discover what is truly important and I feel blessed, chuffed, touched, moved and inspired as well as grateful to be allowed onto your path!

We constantly rediscover laughter in so many places and although laughter may not be all in life,  laughter can certainly help enhacing our experience of the magical moments and miracles as we let our guards down and remove our worries, fears and inhibitions.

Thank you from a fairly normal extraordinary person to another!

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