Monday, 18 June 2012

Everything Happens for a Reason

Last Monday I received the 'Note from the Universe' which is kindly channelled by Mike Dooley.  The note read the following:

For every setback, disappointment and heartbreak, Lotte, ask yourself, "What does this create the opportunity for?"

And therein you will find its gift.

Everything has a reason,
The Universe

Thank you, Universe, for your continued support - I am sure I will fully get it at some point.

That is indeed a great thought and a way I always view things... Opportunity in all challenges! Miracles constantly in the making no matter the obstable!

My life is not only about my work although it is a big part of me . It also holds great elements of love and friendship, buildingblocks for any human being to grow from and feel connected to life.

I never underestimate the magical and powerful energy 'my people' bring into every moment of every thought they fill, the inspiration and imagination they add to my every day.

Everything happens for a reason and every encounter has its value even if it seems bleak at times and events may unfold in ways that appear to carry no blessing whatsoever.

Often when trying to force a certain outcome things start going in the opposite direction... Therefore, going with the flow and knowing that the Tao, the Energy, the Source, the Life Force, whichever term you use, will lead the way combined with your efforts and actions.

I believe in the outcome of my dreams and although to some it may seem a farfetched way of planning, I know that things will turn out wonderfully as long as the energy I add in terms of thought, visualising, inspired action etc. is in line with the highest good of everyone involved.

Oh yes! The Future creeps into every day transforming itself mirthfully into the Present!

The Dream for World Peace through Laughter in Action
Dream your dreams wildly, vividly, large, huge, amazing, unimaginable, colourful, beautiful, lively - and then build them in reality!

Now is the right time!

I hope in some ways that my doodles drawn up in these writtenly expressed thoughts create room for you, who read my blurb, to find inspiration for something bigger than the self.

My thoughts may not always make tremendous sense at first glance but who could fully understand another person's mind, in any case?

Wishing you a week full of wonderment and unforseen miracles and opportunities!

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