Monday, 11 June 2012

Being Unstoppable

Wearing my 'Thinking Hat' (tut tut tut)
What does it mean? There is a 'stop' in the middle of the word, does that mean that even being unstoppable has a limit?

I suppose that is a really silly remark because the whole word is made up as the 'stop' that is an 'unstop'. But this was just a random thought anyway, and I sometimes wonder what on Earth is happening in my mind when these thoughts appear - woah!


Being unstoppable - I learned that many years ago, and I also learned along the route to this present moment, that it is not about flattening everyone and everything in your path while you are heading on towards the goal the set you out on the unstoppable path.

It doesn't mean I have not done that - and for that I apologise - but it has put things in perspective when I have found that the 'stampede-way' of pursuing things has not taken me to where I wanted to go...

Being unselfish in sharing and passionate about life and the work I do makes me feel unstoppable in my pursuit for spreading what I love - laughter, joy and happiness for all people. Through this work, I have met many wonderful people who have been walking the path with me whilst being just as unstoppable, as well as having picked up others instead of trampling ahead without compassion and understanding of other people's needs.

I firmly believe that the drive I have which comes from a vision of creating a world of change in a positive way is what makes me unstoppable and willing to go that extra mile.

However, I also know that sadly enough not every unstoppable person is unstoppable from a human and loving perspective.

Without the support and encouragement of the people I love in my life, my friends, my family, my love, students, my network, my wonderfuls - being unstoppable would very likely have a different angle and view.

Love makes the world go round and love makes me invincible and unstoppable! and I hope it is what makes YOU invincible and unstoppable, too!

We are not stopped by physical separation - hooray for the Internet!
With an unstoppable mindset comes a great deal of unreasonability - that is, being unreasonable with the self instead of letting the smallest hurdle stop us.

I have found that laughter kick-starts a creative cycle and ideas start flowing, fluctuating and developing - amazing how a laugh connects us with out creative, right-brained self.

If you don't yet know how to get in touch with your inner laughter and childlike playfulness, perhaps it is time to have a laugh with me! Or with one of the many Laughter Clubs...

On that note, I think it is time to finish this completely random thought which came into thinking on Saturday morning.

Wishing you a week of being unstoppable in your life pursuit!

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