Monday, 28 May 2012

Cultivating play - especially for grown-ups!

How much do we continue to be playful once we enter adolescense?

For some reason it seems young men and perhaps men in general maintain the ability to be playful to a higher degree than women do - or at least that is how it often comes across to the female gender...

I can only speak from my own experience, of course.

I bet the male population has heard the phrase 'oh grow up' far more often than the female population!

Hahaha - it is lovely and fun to have a childlike side and a fun-loving perspective on life!

Playing is fun and playing is an essential part of life - at work, in relationships, in life in general!

Playing doesn't necessarily mean telling daft jokes and being comical, being funny through intake of alcohol, or daft in any unflattering way, playing when being adults is about unleashing creativity and unblocking the right side of the brain in order to access an unmeasurable idea pool.

When laughing, and in particular as in Laughter Yoga, we do exactly that!

We let go of inhibitions that are built up in the left brain side along with conditions we are supposed to adhere by and ways to act and behave in specific situations.  All the learned behaviours that we have adopted and adapted to over the years of growing up.

It is wonderful to be able to inspire playfulness and joy in others and I have much respect for anyone who is willing to learn laughter and play at an adult age - we really need it, we really need joy in this world of seriousness and anxiety.

Our world flourishes with joy and laughter - let's make laughter and joy count - now!

Laughter Yoga is a true advocacy for play, song, dance, laughter - all the elements of joy, try it today, don't wait until one day when the time it right, because if you look in your diary there really is no 'one day' and 'the right time' is never right.

Find laughter or ask for laughter via - we are all in favour of a good laugh in any language!

PS this blog is not promotional in any way but sometimes I can't help mentioning the work I love so much.

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